Monday, February 8, 2010

If it Ain't Broke.... Leave it Alone!

I was tinkering, with my blog, last night, and oh my gosh...What a mess...still a mess... I starting writing this morning, and to my surprise, I was writing in Hindi... I'm still having issues... Everything I wrote yesterday, was all crammed together... And now, I don't know what I did, where I'm at, and how to get back...{ and why am I holding a hand bag?} It'll take me, the computer idiot, all day, or longer to figure this out... I am Sure! Maybe I'll learn something... Doubtful... no memory cells... Once I finally have it where I think I want it, I forget what I did to get there... See ya soon... I hope... Barb C.


Kay said...

Hello friend!
I just found all the comments that you have sent to me through our blog. For some reason the blog never sent them to me as it was supposed to. I feel so bad for not replying to your posts. I resetted the blog to notify about comments. Not sure what happened there.
I am going to give you my e-mail so that I don't miss anything in the
I would love to send you a picture of my pitcher but I need your e-mail to do so. So just send me an e-mail and I will have it. :)
So sorry for not responding!

Rebecca said...

I would like to change some things on my blog but that is why I am afraid to!
How are you fairing with the snow, we are expecting 8 to 12" tonight.
Sick of it mayself

summersundays-jw said...

Oh, I so feel your pain. I just keep trying -- & screwing up but I usually learn something. Good luck!!! Jan

Stephanie Brandenburg said...

Did you learn any Hindi? ;-)
I feel the pain in the abyss of technology! But you are doing awesome!