Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Made Butter Stamps

Both of these stamps are hand carved. Both of them have damage... The Eagle, is not missing a piece, it had a crack, and over the years has separated... This one and the Strawberry, are my personal favorites...{ well, the one with the Heart, and hand dovetailed box, has to be in, with this group...} The other, that is shown here, is also, in my opinion, wonderful... It has been repaired, and it must have meant a great deal, to someone... If the Eagle was perfect, it would command the most, out of all of them... Probably, in this area, around the 200.00 mark. I would guess these date from the mid 1800's, and I love them all!

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Kim said...

Hello over there!! I am sooo tired of this snow! I want spring really bad as I have things I would like to do, get out and rummage, junk, etc. When it is fun to do!:)

I was at bonanzle.com forums today, and I seen out east they are having issues. Schools are canceled till next week, and all kinds of stuff. 16-20" of snow..ugh! Hubby was in Florida last wk rubbing it in, now is on his way to California. I should have gotten in the truck...wonder if he would have had enough room for all the goodies I could have found? HaHa! Take care, and know this has to be over soon!! Later