Monday, February 15, 2010

Gnarly Volunteer!

Here is a morning glory, from last year... He just gnarled around the old watering can and wash tub, he looked like he was trying to peek inside the spout, of the old sprinkling can, and see what was inside... I plant them every year, all around the shop, along the picket fences, and let 'em go... where ever their little 'feelers' want to cling onto, it's theirs...they drop seeds, in the fall and winter, so I have some volunteers here and there... They make me so happy, watching them grow... and boy, when they get goin' get out of the way, they really can shoot up! I have had some, 30 feet long, or more! They are wonderful... {The farmers don't think so... they give them all kinds of grief...} But they are safe, here with me... Barb C.

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