Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy, Busy!

I am sooo sorry, No pics yet! I was runnin' every which way, yesterday, had to get wax, for projects, in Marion, at Antiques of Marion, to be exact, then of course, in a rush, ran through Marion Mercantile, and Antiques Avenue... I ran out of time, so I missed, Park Place, and Remember When! Next trip! Had a great time, visiting with everyone, like I was on 'fast foreword', but had to get home... Dale popped in, and a wonderful new customer, Randy... He and I really hit it off! We love so many of the same things! {Thanks to 'Smokehouse' and Fern Hill, for sending him my way!} I had a wonderful treat, last night.... a date, with my favorite man.... Baby 'J'.... Justin called, and asked if I would sit, for the little man.... Oh my... He is so wonderful! The kids really need some together time, and Kate, needs to get out, and have a little fun, too! He is teething, so I didn't get a pic of him... I wanted to let him sleep, and was afraid the flash would wake him... Then when he woke up, he was pretty fussy, and wanted to just be held...{ and I loved every minute of it!} I told the kids, I'd be over this week, to get some pictures! He is growing, like a bad weed... What a sweetie....{ I told Liam, Steph's little boy, he is growing like a 'bad weed', Liam looked at me, and smiled, " like a 'good' weed", he said... So, yes, the boys are growing like "good weeds"... Gotta love 'em. Pics tonight! {promise!} Barb C... I have some neat stuff in, that I'm having lots of fun with! {you'll see!}

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