Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent a lot of time processing, this particular Thanksgiving....I have come to realize, I am a pretty selfish person. I have taken the Holidays, and made them mine, because I never really had them as a child. I have forced my family to endure a lot of food, and routine... This may not be what they wish, or want, on their Thanksgiving... I got to thinkin', maybe we should rotate. And let each family member, choose, what they would like, for their Thanksgiving...Maybe just watching t.v. all day, or eating at a restaurant, or going through old photos, or just visiting...or I can do it...Who cares, as long as we are together. My friend, Jan, said some lovey things to me this morning, and I know she is missing someone today... Who knows how long we have here on this Earth...We need to be thankful for each other. I will always hold The Holidays, in my heart, no matter where or what they are bundled in.
I posted 4 little turkeys, I bought from my friend Lillian, years ago. She lived alone, and took care of her mother. Lillian never married, and when her mother died, she was so lonely. She knew my love for antiques, and would call me over, and we would go through her things in the attic. We had great fun, and sorted through her memories. Lillian didn't need the money, she needed a friend. Sometimes I would take the kids with, she always had cookies on hand. Lillian knew, that when she left this Earth, there would be no one to give her memories to, so she chose me. I get the little turkeys out, every Thanksgiving, just like her Mother did... I remember how carefully she had them wrapped, in tissue, and handed them to me, one by one. I keep them in my old cupboard, in the kitchen, where I can see them. She moved into a beautiful retirement center, and after that, she didn't call much. Lillian died several years ago, I didn't even know it. We went to John's Aunt Elma's funeral,this fall, and there I saw Lillian's headstone, next to her Mother and Father. I wasn't sad, I knew she was where she wanted to be. Happy Thanksgiving, Lillian.
Hope you all have a Wonderful day, and eat way too much!
Barb C.

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The Green Pea said...

That is a lovely post. I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving today. Your Father sounds like a great man. He would be very proud of you. Thank you for following my blog. Be talking more soon. sandi