Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Loaded fo Bear... On a Mission!

Sprung out of the sack, this morning... I am on a mission... I don't know what mission, or what direction... But the energy is flowin'! Spring is here... Remember, a few weeks ago, I wrote about the 'Spring Bird'.... I told you... He never lies... True to his word, the Thunder rolled, last night...What a gift... Our snow, is all but gone...We may get hit, with a brief, cold blast... But we know, it will not last.... I need to get the big truck, unloaded, and reloaded, for UNI... And John has several projects, goin, I should help him...New stuff, in the Shop, needs to be displayed... A massive door, needs to be delivered... I think I can get most of it done, today... Probably, not the big truck... That's pretty much a days work, itself! I am so excited, to get these shows rollin'! And SEE EVERYONE! The "Show Folk", are almost like family! The crazy family members, that you love so, because they understand you! Only they, truly know, how grueling, and difficult, this business can be... They, too, have walked the walk, and have such an enormous passion, for this wonderful, old stuff, that we can laugh and cry together, and we all understand... We cheer each other on, and commiserate... It's going to be great, to see all the wonderful people! Customers too! Friends, really... I love selling to my wonderful 'repeat' customers... I watch their eyes light up, as they embrace the treasure, I just knew they would love, as much as I.... And, the 'New' customers, that share their desires, and give me, yet another treasure, to scout for... It's all good... Very good.... I just received an e-mail, from my friend, Mary... She has quit her job, and is following her dreams.... She is an artist, and is taking a leap... I am so incredibly happy, for her... She said I inspired her... But, like Alice, I always knew, she had it all, inside... Mary can do anything, if she puts her mind to it... She is a Whirl Wind...{ I won't worry about Mary... She always has her 'ducks in a row'!} Money isn't everything... I live on little... But, I LIVE.... Mary has found her 'Muchness'... Now, go do the same!{ but, have your 'ducks in a row', too, mine are usually flying all over... remember... Mad Hatter... sometimes, my eyes are whirling in my head... a little scary!} Barb C.


Kay said...

You HAVE to find a hat before the UNI show. I am hoping to attend on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can go. :)

elizabeth said...

I hope I can make it to the show! I am so happy for your friend. I love when people LOVE what they do. It is so important that you are a part of what you do and what you do is a part of you.(Love both ways) I can take orders from anyone and walk through any fire, if I know I love what I am doing it for. I think that is why you can take on SO much. At the end of the day you still have love
I am now asking for "muchness" in my morning prayers!

elizabeth said...

You know what the Mad Hatter says about money " Pieces of paper! Pointless."
Nothing compared to living dreams!

Rachel said...

Hi Barb!

Love your blog! I can't wait for next week's show at UNI!! I'll be sure to look for your booth!! Spring is on the way...Yay!!