Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Girls!

I was working on getting the big truck unloaded, to reload... and soakin' up the sun! As these two Gals asked if I was open! I said, " If I'm here, I'm open! And they were just in time, to help unload!" They were all for it! I said they must be 'Iowa' Gals!{ good work ethics!} To my surprise... They were from Louisiana!!! { instantly I thought about the trip, Allyson and I are taking in June...} " Where abouts, in Louisiana??? They replied... New Orleans! I was thrilled! April {left, Mesha right} Said she would e-mail me some of her favorite 'local' places!!!! Neither of the Girls live in New Orleans, now... Mesha is a Cedar Rapidion, and April, resides in Nebraska... But their home, is New Orleans... We had a wonderful chat... Their husbands were so sweet, they were all headed to the Amana's, so I didn't put them to work... You have to be careful, when stopping by... I may find a job for ya! My friend, Mike stopped by on Sunday, and my daughter, Liz... They got dragged into helping me hang the 'Major Award'... That was interesting... Liz is making 'Mad Hatter' hats... as I am writing... { liz-lemon-aid} They are going to be Sweet! She posted one, on her blog, but is trying different styles! Liz went with, last night, to pick up the sofas, wicker gazebo, step ladders and folding chairs... from the theater... She got lost, in all of the costumes! Oh my! I didn't think I was going to get her out of there!!! She brought home arm loads of them, for the wonderful fabrics! The Theater Managers, Deb and Tom, are wonderful, and helped us load... They are so dang funny! It's a treat, just hanging around with them! It's a laugh a minute! Fun People!!!! Life is so serious... But, truly it doesn't have to be... Liz put some quotes on her blog, that really made sense... Check 'em out... Barb C.


Anonymous said...

The Mad Hatter thing is so infectious! It is on everyone's mind. I just met two girls who couldn't stop talking about it. I guess I'll have to see the movie! :)

April said...

This is April (from New Orleans/Omaha). We will be back to see you soon. It was a pleasure meandering through your antique shop. It had such an ecclectic assortment of stuff. A feast for the eyes. I will get your "To Do" list for New Orleans soon.