Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day on the Road...

Took off, yesterday morning, and hit some of my favorite haunts! Took in Artifacts, and Decorum! Had a wonderful lunch at the Blue Bird Diner... { Their Chocolate Expresso Cheese Cake was amazing...} Then headed for Illinois... It was a beautiful day, and found some fun stuff! As I was walking through, one of the stores, I was making decisions, and piling stuff up, around the front desk... To find, so many of the things, I had passed on, was being piled, next to mine... I thought, who in the world, is buying my look... Of Course... It was The Manley's... From Muscatine... They are such a sweet couple... Their store is wonderful... A lot tidier, than mine, but we love the same stuff! When travelling through, or near Muscatine, be sure and stop... {not on Thursdays, they are closed... } I kept gathering, and all at once, I heard a familiar voice... Hmmm... It sounded like Bud... { Renate's Antique Gallery... Amana, Iowa...} I thought, it can't be Bud... It was Bud! {and his Sweetheart, Renate... I have never seen a more loving couple... I have known them for years, and they are as much in love, today, as they were, the first time I met them... They are, truly, the 'Perfect Couple'....} We had a nice visit, Renate had never been to this Mall, so she was having fun! They came to UNI, and it was sooo good to see them... Bud makes the Very Best, Margarita's... I'm about due... Met a nice couple, also, at the Mall, as I was loading an old Bike... They have a booth at the 'Junk Asylum'. I was running so late, I didn't make it there, next time.... They, too, were gathering, stuff I had looked at, and almost bought...Well, at least my 'eye' is good, even tho, the wallet is a little 'slim'... I'm happy with the load... Gathered some fun garden stuff! Picked up some primitives too... Just a good day...{ except for the giant hole, in the seat of my britches....I knew I felt a draft.... Just below the back pocket.... I was too far from home, to do much about it... And certainly didn't want to burn shopping time, buying retail.... So, I just warned everyone, not to watch me walk away... That would be an ugly memory...} Have a Wonderful Day!!!
Barb C

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Betty G said...

LOL-a hole in your back pocket! I love it! Those kinds of things always seem to happen to me. It just builds character and makes ya even more of one! Two of a kind-that's what we are! What a hoot! Glad you have been having a good time! Luv~Betty