Friday, November 20, 2009

I Feel Like a Bag of Bones....

Oh my... My comfy shoes, blew out, and blistered the ball of my left foot... So unloading a dozen pieces of big furniture, and concrete urns and fountain, have truly taken their toll... I hurt everywhere...{ concrete floors are the worst...} We just had supper, and the three Bloody Mary's and Aleve, hasn't touched it... I got the booth 98% done, Dale and I had a few minor blows, mainly about lifting furniture.... when you are going to ' lift and go', say you are going to 'lift and go'... Three times, I nearly lost flesh, because he was lifting, and running... I don't move fast, when it comes to heavy stuff...period... I told him, "you hurt me, I'm walking out the door".... really....REALLY! This old Gal can move a mountain, but at my own pace... I would rather do it alone, and take a while, than get myself hurt... I take way too long to heal... I think Dale got the message... I told him, the next time he 'grabs and runs', I am going to pile drive him... I meant it. Now that I have that off my chest... The booth is looking pretty good. I'll have images tomorrow. The Show looks great! I don't know how my stuff will go over, this Show is pretty 'hard core Country', but so is Heart of Country, and we did very well there... We'll see... I think some of the dealers don't quite know how to take this look... Oh well... { I heard one guy say, one of my displays reminded him of the Mardi Gras...I'll take that as a complement...{ his wife loved it!} I haven't had much sleep, so I am a little grumpy... We have to be up by 5:30, so I am going to go soak in the tub, we have a long, long day tomorrow... a fast and furious sales day, and then tear down...pack and load...Wonder exactly how many 'Aleve' are left in that bottle? I'll have images for you later... Barb C.


Pam said...

Good---no great luck with the show tomorrow. You always had the most fun and interesting booth at Heart of Country. And pay no attention to the dealer that said the Mardi Gra remark. It's probably one of two things---he'll be there wanting a close to free deal, or he's afraid you'll sell more than him! HA HA! Reminds me of an old saying---"It's a dog eat dog world, and I feel like I'm wearing milk bone underwear! Have fun, and sell, sell sell.

pollyanns said...

I can't wait to see pictures. Hope the bath helped last night and that today was fantastic. We finally had a good day in the shop today and I am sooooo grateful. Slow and steady wins the race... go your own pace and drop it on his foot once... he'll figure it out :0)