Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I purchased this beautiful painting, on the way to the Show, in Indiana. It is such a peaceful image.... I am going to put it in the Shop, for Christmas, and do some evergreen around it... I spent the day yesterday, with the phone turned off, a box of chocolates and several movies... I just had to. I think it was a good decision, my gears were turning all night long, about the reset, at the Shop... I believe I have it all figured out! { most people probably think, what's the big deal? Well, if you have never been here, it's kind of like this... trying to put a size 10 foot, into a size 6 shoe, and making it feel comfortable...} It's all in the engineering... Many walls will have to come down, and many added. I'm going over the 'look' in my head, { I am truly blessed with being able to see it done, before I dig in...it's kind of funny, working with someone who can't, they fight me tooth and nail, say it will never fit, or it won't look right, but if they have a little faith, they will see it unfold, and fit, where it seemed impossible...} I do most of this work on my own... Most folks get a little 'negative', and that is one thing that I can't have near me...Negativity... My son, Justin, when he was younger would help me bring a piece of furniture in, into a size six shoe... and oh boy, he would say, 'Mom, that will never go in there, that won't fit...why did you buy this, anyway.." I would be pulling and pushing, and listening, and then stop.... I'd, in a calm voice say, Justin, I can get it from here... I love him, but the words " can't, won't, shouldn't have, and never will", just make me all the more determined. When 'negativity' is in the air, it just makes the job 10 times more difficult.... I would rather do it myself, yea, at a snails pace, sometimes, but that little ant, can move a rubber tree plant! Dale told me, over the weekend, "you move more massive stuff, alone, than any woman I know, it's all in 'how' you do it, you have a certain technique." That technique, came from watching my Dad, he would load unbelievable pieces, from farm auctions, all by himself...tons and tons of huge pieces of farm machinery. Even when I was too small to help lift, I would grab the 'come alongs', and work the winches, help him chain everything down, then take binders, and tighten down the load... I truly learned from the Master! Dad had more patience than me, when it comes to people, I think... He was a shrewd Man, and rarely lost his temper...( but when he did...look out! His beautiful, piercing blue, Irish eyes, would turn to ice,{ I would recognize it immediately, and get out of the way!} and tho he was an extremely kind, and gentle man, if he had enough torment...well, lets just say, I was lucky to have it directed at me only twice, in my life, and will never forget it...} 99.9% of the time, he would just smile, and laugh, when people were being negative, I try, and for the most part, I do. I remember, at one of my Sales, several years ago, I had a demanding and difficult customer, my pal, Bud was here, shopping, and watching me handle this man... Bud would ask, as I would go running by, {helping the demanding gentleman} "How much is this, Saint Barb", several times, he called me that... He said he would have kicked that guys butt down the road... Actually, those kind of folks don't get to me, it's the ones who you think you know, that will send me for a tail spin! Ah, people...{ at least with the ornery ones, you know who you are dealing with!} Well, onward and upward! I haven't a clue about Thanksgiving... I'll getter done, bake and clean tomorrow. I'll grocery shop tonight... all I can think about now, is getting that shop done! I'll keep ya posted! Barb C.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Barb, Oh how I love that painting, it is just breathtaking! I know what you mean about negativity. I usually just "know" when something will "work", so I don't want to hear all the junk about why something won't. I usually say, OK, let's just give it a try, and 99.9% of the time, the other person (won't name names) is amazed. Oh well, Take care and have fun with that size 10
shoe. I'm sure it will all be gorgeous! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

pollyanns said...

You go girl!!! Can't wait to see the results. I had fun in my shop the last few days... posting tomorrow.
Love ya