Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Annie's Treasures

Joyce's beautiful Store, was my last 'shop stop', for the day... I hadn't been to Cascade, in way too long... Joyce does a wonderful job, with a nice mix, of old and new, and is always busy! Her store is in an awesome Old Church, in Cascade, Joyce has hand selected wonderful Iowa and midwest antiques, and is selective, on the 'new' products... Everything blends well. I have known Joyce, for many, many years. I don't think I have ever left her Store empty handed... And Tuesday was no exception! I found some fun, vintage Christmas, and the gnarliest, old, old silverware tray, she had harvested from Illinois! Joyce had the most wonderful, early, southern Iowa, dry, gnarly painted surfaced, corner cupboard.... With a fat SOLD sign on it!!! Dang! You just never know what she'll be bringing in! { I asked her to ring me next time she comes across another 'sweetie', like that cutie pie! } Joyce has the shop 'on it's ear', for her Holiday Open House, this week! Hope you can go check it out, and all of the wonderful stores in Cascade! Here is Joyce's information...No web site yet...but soon! Annie's Treasures Joyce Fagan, Owner {563} 852-7517 202 Grant Street S.W. Cascade, Iowa 52033 Store Hours: Mon-Fri 10 -5 Sat. 10 -4 Sun. 12 -4 Just look for the Big Red Steeple!

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