Friday, May 18, 2018

Oh my....

Oh dear....
It's been quite a ride, these last couple of days.
Went in, and they removed the external fixater on my arm, yesterday.
After they did that, went to therapy.
Big... mistake.
I nearly didn't make it home.
Had to pull over, to vomit, from the pain...on the way.
Thankfully, I had some very strong pain killers, waiting for me, here.
I've been taking them like clockwork, since.
I couldn't catch my breath.
I'd overdone it, the day before... working down the rabbit hole, or...attempting, to.
Then... with all of the therapy, and the fixater...removal, oh my...
the bones it was screwed in to... went wild.
I'm posting a video above... it got cut off, but... I don't have time, to redo.
I'm heading down the rabbit hole, and keep truckin'.
Memorial Day Weekend Sale, is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!
Oh my.
It's gonna be a Full House!
So Much... Coming!!!!
Love You All...
Please... keep me in your Prayers, I Pray...for You, as well.
Barb C.

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