Sunday, June 3, 2018

A few pictures from The Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

I feel so Blessed to have had such Great Family, Friends, and...Visitors!
I posted a video, below...mentioning several... but didn't mention daughter, Liz...and, Adam...
Cindy Nutt, Dale Freese, Son, Justin...and Katie....
I'm sure, I'm still...leaving some out. : (
We had a Great Crowd, Every Day!!!
Lot's found new Homes!
Thanks, to Everyone...who Stopped By!
I'm still, pretty worn out, but... I'm going to start working on getting things in order...
in the yard, and...rabbit hole.
I feel, like a Snail...but, if I can do, even a little...everyday, It'll Eventually...
Get Done!
; )
Love, to ya...
Barb C.

Grand Babes. <3 <3 <3

Wanda, from Gatherings.
She Busted her Fanny, helping pull this together!
Her feet, looked like mine, by the end of the day!
; )
Gayle, took this picture of Mark, the day before the sale.
Seems I'm not the only one... who get's worn out, setting up, for this!
You don't dare sit down!!!
My wound, turned really ugly...on Sunday.
Between the heat, and... working a little too hard, it went bad, fast.
Everyone here...insisted I go to the ER, Monday morning.
They wanted to keep me there, but... thankfully, one of my Surgeons happened to be working, and came to see me at the ER.
He went to bat for me, showed me how to care for it, and made me promise to rest.
I got to come home, that evening.
Infections from hospitals, worry me.
I'd rather mingle with our germs, at home. 
: )
It's looking much, better... {looks like a Heart!}
: )

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