Thursday, April 12, 2018


Once upon a time....
there was a girl, who lived down a rabbit hole, in land....
far, far...away, from most anyone's comprehension. 
; )
The Vortex.
Due to my accident, I find it very difficult to type.
My phone, is filled with Miss. Scarlett's stuff, so... no room, for videos.
Just wanted to give you an update.
I'm healing.
Still don't know if, or when.... they will be putting a plate on my broken arm.
Saw my Dr., on Monday...
he shook his head, said I was lucky to be alive.
My leg, is healing, well. Thankfully, no infection.
I will be at Junk Jubilee, in Des Moines, the end of the month.
I will be at Gold Rush, Mother's Day Weekend, in May.
I will be having The Memorial Day Weekend Sale, the end of May.
I'm still fighting the City of Fairfax, about the walking trail, along with the IDOT, who is wanting to take so much of our land, for the city's trail.
They will be 5 feet, in front of our home. Destroy everything we've worked all of our lives for, and... there's no doubt in my mind, lives...will be lost, probably children.
I told the council, long ago, when they lied to me... and said they were being forced by the DOT, had me chasing my tail, for months, that... I... will be the first casualty of their trail. Indeed, I am. 
My mind, has been consumed with worry, and frustration... because of them, for over a year.
I, have so much... on my mind, without them, they truly...had a hand, in sending me down those stairs.
They, are a Huge... reason, why.... Allyson knew, how much I needed to escape...
just, for a little while. 
I, don't know how.... I'm going to survive.
A Dear Friend, has helped me, get partially caught up. 
don't know where 
 I'd be, without her help.
My right side, is pretty much useless, for a while. 
I've been resting, and healing, this week.
I'm leaving this all... in God's Hands.
I will, keep forging ahead. 
Please, keep me in your continued Prayers.
I'm being hit, from every side. 
I Need... a Lot of Prayers.
; )
Love, to You...
Barb C.

{ I haven't been to the rabbit hole, since the accident, I'm going to make my way there, today...and try to get things goin'. ; )
just... being there, I know... will feed my spirit. <3
Hope, to see you, soon. }

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