Sunday, January 6, 2019

Two Events... in the Next Three Weeks! Oh Boy!

The Anamosa Antiques, and Vintage Market Show...
January 20th!!!
This is Such...a Fun Event!
We're helping Promote this, now...
Jon, and Cecilia, along with their Family...have done such a Great Job, with it, for Decades!
I've been a Vendor... for many, many...years.
I never missed Shopping It, before that.
We've added an 'Under 99.00 Bargain Booth'....
it was a Huge... Success, last year. : )
The 'Early Birds' Shop it, FIRST!!!
Oh My!!!
Make Attend!!!

a Living Estate Sale, in Cedar Rapids!
January 24th, 25th, 26th and, 27th!
9-6 Daily!
Numbers, at 8:30 on the 24th!
here...are a few images of the Living Estate Sale.
We haven't begun to go through things, yet.
The One thing, I Noticed...right away, were
 The Rabbits!
Oh My!
: )
There are many European Mounts, a Kudu Taxidermy Mount, 
along with miscellaneous well. 
oh my.
Stay Tuned!
I'll be posting more images...later in the we go. : )

Love...this Wingback.
It's...Got The Look. <3

There's Modern, and Vintage. 
Holiday, Garden, Furniture, Jewelry...
and... More!
Hope to See Ya!
Barb C.

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