Friday, October 12, 2018

Home... 2000 Miles, plus...a few.

as, many of you know....
for me, has been Insane, for a Long....
: )
My, Closest Friends...know it, too.
Between losing Mom, then... John, so suddenly.
{there won't be any recovery...after losing John. I'm learning how to function, without him physically here, but...know in my soul, he'll be me, always. } Sister in Law, Shirley.
We weren't close...when I was older...until just before she passed away.
When I was a child, I spent many Summers at her, and my Brother, Sonny's Home.
Shirley, was such a Wonderful Example, of Strength, and Goodness.
My Dad, Loved and Adored her. He Always Knew, how Beautiful Shirley was, inside...and out.
Then... Sonny, my Brother, passed a car accident.
He was soooo Cool. : )
He made a Living as an Owner Operator Truck Driver.
He tried so hard, to talk me out of following in his footsteps. 
Lord Much I Loved those Old Freightliners of his.
: )
then, my other Brother, Larry. <3
He thought I was Crazy, doing the work I do...with Antiques.
: )
Too Much Work, and Not : )
He, thought I should've went to Law School, or...become an Electrician, like he was.
He always...had my back, when the chips were down. 
I, didn't ask...anything, from him.
I Knew, if I Truly...ever Needed him, He'd Be There.
{I think he knew...I'd Be There, for Him...too. <3 }
Larry, was found dead, in his home, two years ago.
I may have been the last person to talk to him.
He was gone, nearly two weeks, before he was found.
Then... Peg.
: )
My Best Friend.
oh my.
What a Gift, she my life.
: (
my Polly.
My four legged Best Friend. <3
I, honestly....don't know how I could've our Home, after John left....
without, her.
Now...Our Land.
The last 18 months, I've been fighting to save our land, from the city of Fairfax.
The IDOT, is taking Everything...up to our door, Soley...for the city's trail.
A Suicide Trail, No One...should ever walk on. 
I, remember John...working so Hard, for 'This' Home. His...Dream.
Now, they want to destroy it, for a trail. 
the last 4 years, have been gut wrenching...heartbreaking, and...overwhelming.
After my accident, in March, falling down the basement stairs...
they tell me, I'm very have survived, it's been a battle.
Another, Mountain. 
My body...will never be the same. 
After losing John...I, truly....lost half of myself.
After the accident, I've lost half, of my body.
I can't tell you, how Blessed I am.
I've shut myself off, from nearly everyone, after losing John.
however, The Ones...The Few, that Stood by me, and Helped Me...So Much, to simply...'survive', I Know... without a Doubt, have been sent, by The Lord.
I, couldn't...have made it, without them. 
I keep Climbing...and, falling.
Without them, I don't believe, I could've reached up...and grasped anything solid, to be begin to climb. 
When I fell down the stairs, thankfully...I don't remember the fall.
The first thing I remember...was laying on the concrete, trying to focus, and figure out where I was.
I looked up, and Sweetie, the Little Hound...I took in, after Polly died, was holding the basement door open, at the top of the stairs. 
{If, she hadn't of been there...I never could've opened it.
Later, I realized...she'd stood there for over 30 minutes. I was knocked out, and laying in a pool of blood, for 30 minutes...or so.}
As I laid, on the floor....trying to make sense, of why I was there, I heard Peg's voice.
It was coming from my left.
I glanced over, to where her voice was coming from....I, couldn't look up, to see her face.
All I could see....were here old Garden Shoes, and her Bib Overall pant legs.
: )
She Demanded... I Get Up Those Stairs!!!
: )
I, said..."O.K.".
I tried, and tried...but, was so weak....I could only climb a few steps, at a time, and....had to rest.
Peg, wouldn't let me rest...for long. : )
"Get Up Those Stairs!!!"
: )
It took me a long....time, but....I made it.
: )
Sweetie, waited for me.
When I finally got to the top, I laid with half of my body on the kitchen floor, and my legs on the stairs.
Sweetie kept Kissing my face. <3
I, thought...if I get ahold of the stove, I could find my feet.
I couldn't.
I couldn't stand up.
I crawled through the house, then down the stairs, to the other side...where my phone was.
Called Daughter, come, and take me to the hospital. 
I, didn't leg was cut to the bone. 
I, didn't know... how badly my arm was broken. 
I, at that time...didn't know, I'd been unconscious. 
The last time, I spoke with Peg...was when she was dying.
I knelt, by her side...
her Beautiful...Blue Eyes, welled with tears.
I was telling her, Good Bye.
I looked at her, and whispered...
"Remember that 'Place'... That, Place...
Between 'Sleep and Awake' ?
: )
That's where I'll always, Love...You.
That's...where I'll be waiting for you...
Peter Pan. "
That's...Exactly...Where Peg Was Waiting...for Me. : )
She saved my Life. 
So, did...Sweetie. <3 
{I'm Sure...Polly, had something to do with that...too. <3 }
My Dear Friends, Allyson, and Jan... gifted me, with this Santa Fe.
They both worry about me. They thought it would be Good, to get me outta here...for a while.
: )
I took lots of documents with me, concerning the Condemnation, of our Land.
Everything is so time sensitive.
I was Served, by a Deputy Sheriff, two days before we left.
Allyson and I...talked about a lot of things, on our Journey.
Jan, and I spent a lot of time....together, when Allyson visited her Friends, in New Mexico.
Jan, just lost...her Beloved Friend, Larry...a week before we arrived.
She said... "God Knew, How Much...I Needed YOU, to be Here with me, when we made these plans, months ago."
We Needed, Each Other. <3
It was so Strange... on the trip, how I noticed people's Feet. and..Footwear.
I, never pay attention to what kind of shoes, or boots...people wear.
I, sure did...on this trip.
We stopped for the night, in Dodge City, Kansas.
Home...of Matt Dillan!
: )
It was late, when we arrived, at the hotel.
I'd met the Clerk, at the hotel...because the vending machine wouldn't work.
He had to come from behind the desk, to help.
When he did... I noticed his Cool Shoes!!!???

I commented about them, and we had a long conversation, about them.
: )
He was So Cool!
I went outside, to smoke...
I could see Men, gathered at the front desk, at the hotel...from where I was sitting, outside.
One, was wearing...the most Awesome Pair...of Boots!
They reminded me, of my Old Boots, Jan gave me...years ago.
I, thought...I've gotta get a picture, of Those Boots!
I ran inside, and asked the Young Man, if...he'd be there for a minute, and could I get a picture of his Boots? 
I'm sure...he thought I was Crazy, but...he waited for me. : )
When I got back, another Man...was standing there.
These, were Big Guys.
They looked pretty unhappy.
Turns out, the Young Man, wearing these Boots, along with the Two Other Men...
had took after a Guy, who confronted, verbally assaulted, his teenage Sister, in the the hotel.
She, was terrified. 
Those Men, went after him, and he locked himself in his room, and wouldn't come face them.
{I wouldn't either. Holy Smokes!!! That dude, picked....on the Wrong...little Girl. <3 }
I, gotta tell ya. 
It was Really Cool, to See These Men, Protect that little Girl. <3
Brothers... <3
Brother, and Sis. <3 <3 <3 

They came out, and visited with me.... later.
I told her how Glad, I was...she went Straight to her Dad...and Brothers, when that happened.
<3 <3 <3
I told her... I'm not sure...that I would've, at her age.
It's So Important, to Step Forward, when these awful things happen, Immediately.
I told her, how Proud of her...I was, for doing that. <3
: )
What a Lovely...Family. 
They were in Dodge City, for a Funeral.
How, sad...this had to happen. 
How is, to have a Loving Family. 
Allyson and I visited a Statue, of Matt Dillon, before we left.
I Insisted. <3
He's my Hero. 
{Those Guys, above... are Much, like him. : )
We Need More...Men, Like That!!! <3  }

Me...and Mr. Dillon. <3

I didn't know what the reason was, that I was so compelled to take pictures of shoes, and boots on this trip...
maybe, it has something to do with... being 'Grounded'.
When I spoke to the Young Man, about his Boots, I told him...about mine.
The Tall, Blue...Buckaroo Boots, Jan had given me...that I Love, so much.
He said... "Those kinda Boots, were made to protect you, from Snakes."
Yep, I Need to Wear Those, ALL of The Time!
I've been Dancin' through Snake Pits, over the last 18 months, dealing with the city of Fairfax's Trail. ; )
When we got to Jan's... got settled in, then... went Shoppin'.
Jan, found these Amazing Boots, at a consignment shop.
I, saw them...first, but knew they'd be way too small for me, the next thing I know...
Jan, had them ON!!!
Love Them!!!

Jan took me All Over...Santa Fe!
We had some AMAZING Food, and Margaritas!!!
I'll never make them the same, here at Home...again!!!
Margaritas, are not Near as Sweet, in New Mexico.
They are Very Fresh...and Strong!
Love 'em!
This is one of the Great Restaurants, we stopped at. : )
This is Jan... 
She's One...of the Most, Amazing People, I've ever met. : )
I've known her...for 20 years, or more.
I didn't truly...get to 'Know' her...until about 6 years ago, when I did her Sale, at her Iowa.
I spent weeks, living there...with her.
What a Gift, that was. 
We shared Many...Long, conversations.
I, so enjoy working with her.
It's like...we read each other's minds. 
She's Amazing.

This is Allyson, and Jan....walking ahead of me.
We'd just had supper, and did some window shopping.
Those Girls. <3
What a Gift, They Both my Life. <3
I met them through...The Rabbit Hole.
Jan bought us tickets, to an Amazing Showcase Home, Santa Fe.
Some of the Best Restaurants, in Santa Fe...had samples of their Amazing Food, and...Wine.

I, was very....under dressed, for the event, but...No One...seemed to mind. : )
Everyone, was Great! 
I noticed, an Amazing Couple, when we first arrived.
I, thought...'These People from Another Planet!'
They, Beautiful.
They both stood, around 6'6. 
When the Lady, was walking past me, I motioned for her to come closer.
I whispered in her ear... "You...are The Prettiest Girl, Here!" : )
She, and her Husband, were simply...'Beautiful'. : )
Inside...and, Out. <3 
Later, I met her Husband. : ) Such a Sweet Couple!

I, Loved...her Gold Shoes!
I told her, for some reason...I'm noticing Shoes and Boots, on this trip!
This is 'His and Hers'... 
: )
I got an image of Her Gold Shoes, and My...Iowa...Sandals. : )
We Laughed...a lot!!!
Fun Folks!

I also met one of the Designers, from the Showcase Home.
She was visiting with Jan, and Jan's Dear Friend, and Neighbor... Cheryl. 
Cheryl, Monique, and Jan. : )
Monique...was Lovely.
They worked So Hard...on that Home.
People, don't have a Clue, as they stroll through those Amazing Homes, how Much Work, and takes. 
I've been behind the scenes, on these Endeavors. 
Oh My.
We'd be in Grubbies, working...nearly up to the Opening.
RUN...and get Spiffed Up, for The Show!
{and...Smile, be The Guests Arrive. : ) When, all you'd Really like to Soak your a Hot Bubble Bath! and, Go To Bed!!! : ) }
So Much Work. 
So Beautifully...Done.
The Good Ones, like These, make it look...
; )

Later, that Evening...Jan and I got separated.
It was Packed.
Loads of People.
I, sat outside...
near the gate, where I knew I wouldn't miss the Girls.
I was wishing...I had the keys, so I could get a Smoke, out of the car.
Just then... Monique came out of the front door, with Cigarettes and a Lighter!!!
We found a place, under trees, behind the Smoke!!!
We had a Lovely... visit. 
{I don't want to hear One Word, about Smoking.}
Oh My!
It's so nice, to be able to truly...Visit, with people. 
She had just moved to Santa Fe, from New Orleans.
Such an Interesting Person!
So...Kind. <3
Jan, and One of the Rooms, Monique helped design, in the Showcase Home.
Love...the Paint.
Love the Ceiling and Walls. 
Jan and I...saw a Lot of Sites... but, we also....spent some Great Time, at her Home.
That, was Favorite Place, in Santa Fe. : )
Jan Created this 'Memory Hat'....for her Dear Friend, Larry's Daughter, from Larry's old Stetson.
It was was just a plain, brown...hat, when she started. 
It's Amazing.
I'm sure...she'll Love It. <3
We both worked on this piece, it started out as a Frenchman Dumb Waiter.
Jan, saw him as a Beloved...Indian. 
She sculpted his face, and cut wood, from an old pallet for his feathers. : )
I helped paint, and gather fun, gnarly, vintage accessories!
He Turned Out....
Jan, is a Joy, to see in her element!!!
As she was sculpting his face...she said...
" The Best High!!! No One, would Ever Need Drugs, if...they were Encouraged to simply Express Themselves, through Their Own Creativity...and Art!"
So True. 
: )
Quite...The Indian. : ) <3

I had a Lovely...time, with Friends.
I'm so Thankful, that I had the opportunity.
I'm also...Very Glad to be Home.
Love...Iowa. <3 <3 <3 
Thanks, to All of the Kids, for Taking Care, of Everything, while I was away.
<3 <3 <3 
Time to Get To Work.
Papers to File.
Court Hearing. 
Meetings with the IDOT.
{The Kids, and going to have to move The '49 Ford, fences...Pet Cemetery, several sheds, and statuary...before Nov. 1. }

{Estate Sale, to Get Goin' On.
That'll be Nov. 29, 30 Dec. 1 and 2.
There Another, Amazing Estate Sale, just...after that.
Stay Tuned.}
Junk Jubilee Jingles, Nov. 9, 10 and 11. at The Fairgrounds, in Des Moines.

Lots to get done. 
Thank You All...for Your Continued Prayers...
They Matter.
<3 <3 <3 
Love, To You.
: )
Barb C.
{p.s. I'm searching for a lead this post, with. Sitting here, thinking. I'm So Blessed, in so many ways. Faith... and Prayers, have carried me, through Everything, in my life. Ever since....I can remember.
I've never belonged, to any...organized religion....but, John and I both...knew, throughout our lives, God created us, for a reason. We are...His Children. <3
No matter, what becomes of us, through Prayer...and Faith, in Him...we'll be where we are supposed to be.
We Never walk, alone.
I couldn't pick one, tune... had to post Two. : )
Three. : ) }
At the end...of this day, all of them...the Top Tune, says a lot.
I've Gotta Take It, To The Limit.
I, don't have a choice.
I'll Take It...There.
The Limit.
{John...would expect, no less. }
; )
Pray for me.

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