Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thanks So Much!!!

Thanks...So Much, to Everyone Who Attended The Labor Day Weekend Sale!
It was a Soggy One!
It was so Wonderful, to see so many...I hadn't seen in a Long Time!
It was Great...meeting Folks, I've known Only, through this blog, and FB. 
Their Kindness...was Humbling. <3
I feel very Blessed, to have Folks in my life, that, Amazing.
Since the accident, I wear out easily, so....the rabbit hole, never got done.
it was better. : )
well, it was the best I could do.
Thankfully, The Kids helped..unload, and Liz helped clean, and display, outside.

I'm pretty worn out....
but, I'll find my second wind. 
The Flood waters, took our fence out, this late morning...and Scout got out, so....I stood in the rain, several hours with him, today...until Justin could get the fence back up.
I'm still soaked.
: )
too change my clothes. : )
I took him to his stall, and tied him there...after we'd stood in the rain, for hours.
At was dry.
I was afraid to, for a long time....because the Creek can come up, so fast, and take the barn, I didn't want us to get trapped.
That Stinker, really wore me out.
: ) 
He hates to be tied, arm is so weak, I knew I couldn't hold him....if he got Naughty.
I'm going to post a video, above....tattling on him. 
He's so Mellow, except...when I make him stand. 
He's like a Teenager. : ) 
He broke his manger. 
Stood in it. 
: )
He weighs about 1500 pounds, and can be a Pistol. : )
Spoiled. <3
I wish...the city, would stop allowing so many to build flood plain Up.
Too many new buildings.
Nowhere, for the water to go....but, here. : ( 

I had the worst Sale....I've ever had, here. : (, of The Best...times.
: )
Others, had Their...Best!
That, makes me Very....Happy!
Sadly, I had several things stolen.
Two Clocks, Four Pieces of Widow's Walk...and several pieces of Jewelry.
I'm posting pictures, below.
Four of these were in a stack. They left.
The Clock, on the left. It has a woman's face, at the top. 
The Clock, in front of the mirror. 
Thanks, to Jess...who took these images, while shopping.
Several pieces of Jewelry.
Among them....were
an Owl Pin, and a Large Purple Brooch.
Please Pray...for those....who stole these items.
The Rabbit Hole, has a Way...of getting things back.
I, never... worry. ; )
Thanks, Again... to Everyone, who stopped by. <3
Even, the Thieves. : )
Bless their hearts. 
We'll Meet Again, I'm...Sure. ; ) Ya!
Barb C.
{I had to Scout, when I turned him loose. : ) He stood there with me. I tried to walk out of the barn...
he blocked me, over...and over. : )
I couldn't get a picture, but... believe me, he didn't want me to leave. <3
He's such a Pistol, to Admiral, he's the Smartest Horse....I've ever known. }
<3 <3 <3 

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