Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hey...Everybody!!! Workin' Down The Rabbit Hole, Preparing for The Labor Day Weekend Sale! Please watch The Videos Posted Above.

Hey Everybody!
Labor Day Weekend Sale is
Aug. 31 thru Sept 3!!!
8 a.m. 'til Dusk...Daily!
Rain or Shine!
Wear Your Grubbies...
and Bring a Truck!
Outside Images, will begin on Tuesday!
You can follow my Rabbit Hole Progress...
by watching the YouTube Videos, above.
: )
I've had some Dear Friends, stop by...the last few days, and want to shop.
: (
It's So Crazy Here....I can't let 
The Rabbit Hole, is Torn Apart.
: (
How...I'm gonna pull This Off...: ) I have No...Idea!
I Miss...Peg, and John!!! 
I'm sure...if I asked for HELP!!! Folks, would be here. <3
I'm...actually, really enjoying...
{in a Very Strange I'm Wearing Out, too easily...
 and Sweating...non Stop!}
 {I Climbed the Ladder, a few, To The Ceiling! I thought to myself....
'I Really Should, have one of those Buttons, so when I Hit The Ground....I can Call for Help!!!!'
hahahaha. }
: )
Yeah, or....a video camera....watching the Insane things...I do.
oh my.
We'd Rich!!!
: )
'Can't' not an Option. 
It takes me a lot longer, far, I'm gettin' it done. : )
I've thought...many times, today....
I should've started This Project, a Year ago. : ) 
I had All...of my Body, then. : )
my Mind, wasn't here. 
: (
It, still...isn't. But, I feel more focused.
Prayers, and rest...will do that. <3 
I'm gonna post a few pictures, I honestly....haven't had time.
Please, make stop by.
I'd see ya.

The Sale is Located, down the rabbit hole.
{101 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa. }

{I would also like to say, May God Bless, John McCain, his Family, and Friends.
 I the Left, most Folks, think.
The Fact is...I Jump, in The Collar, as an American. 
John McCain...was a Fine Man, who Sacrificed, and Served Our Country.
We Need More, Like Him. <3 <3 <3}

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