Sunday, July 29, 2018

I'm...Back. Sort of.

Sorry...I've been gone, for so long. 
: (
After we finished up, at The Estate Sale...
{Thanks, to Everyone...who attended. : ) It...was Great! }
I've Poured myself, into, at Home.
As, many of you know....
I've been battling The City of Fairfax, and The IDOT....for nearly a year and a half. 
It's been, quite a Journey. 
: (
With, Everything...else, in my life, and dealing with a broken body, after the accident, in March...
well, I'm...behind the Eight Ball.
I'm so Thankful, for Everyone, Keeping me, in Prayer. <3
I, couldn't continue on.....without The Lord, and His Amazing...Angels, Lifting me..Up. 
; )
I have Much, to report...concerning the city, and DOT....
a 'walking trail'....
and...will be asking You, to make some Calls.
Time, is short.
It's Not....Too Late. 
I'm posting a few videos...above, that I took this last week, of where Fairfax wants their trail. 
I've Begged them, to reconsider.
 They Refuse.
I've Begged have an Independent Safety Audit, for Pedestrians, and Bikes, before they do this.
People, are going to die. 
They, the city council, and mayor...
 Know It. 
They, won't allow Their Children, Near It.
They'll be Fine, if 
: ( : ( : ( 
I, Need Your Help... to Stop This.
watch the videos.
<3 <3 <3 
I...Know, what this Stretch of 151, is capable of. 
I, Invite...Anyone, and Everyone.... to come See.
I'll be giving you Names, and reach out, to. 
I, will. 
Demand, an Independent Safety Study, concerning Pedestrians, as they travel along this Highway 151, in Fairfax, Iowa. 
BEFORE...they Widen the Bridges, and Lengthen Accommodate, and Encourage...Pedestrians, and Bikes, here. : ( : ( : (
It'll be a 'Suicide' Trail...if they get it done. : ( : ( : (
I have The Facts, to Prove That.
So does, the city, of Fairfax.
So, does The IDOT.
 Where do you think, I got them from?
Their Study...was for Traffic, here.
It's one of the Most dangerous Stretches, on 151, in Linn County, for Fatalities, and Major Crashes.
Sadly....they haven't done one, for Pedestrian Safety. 
This MUST Happen.
Not, only here...but for EVERY Proposed Trail, along a Highway.
Not, the Safety, of The Trail, itself...
Safety...for EVERYONE who is in Close Proximity {50 feet, or less.}
Walking, or Riding... 
 with Vehicles next to Them.
15 feet, in This Case, on Highway 151, through Fairfax, Iowa. 
 This, is So wrong....on every level. 
: ( : ( : ( mind, has been quite Overwhelmed...because of This. 
I'll have More, to share, very soon. 
Please...stay tuned.
Love, to You...
Barb C. 

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