Monday, June 18, 2018

Bless the Broken Road with lyrics

May God Bless.... the Broken.

Been trying to clean the house, and..organize.
So many bills, and piles.
Don't dare....pitch, anything...but, finding it, when I need it, will be impossible.
I moved the old, French Cabinet...that Pal, Val...gave me, weeks ago....that's been, just sitting, inside the door...was my priority.
I, got it moved, to the bathroom...where, I knew it would be perfect..., however...
It Took Me Three Times as it should've. 
Guess, I should be thankful, I got it done. 
I, worked...and cleaned.
Put some Big Glass Domes, on the French Piece.
There's been bouquets of flowers, sitting here, since the accident.
Lovely...Gifts, from Friends.
All...Dried, now.
I, didn't have the heart, to pitch, I saved stems, from each of them....
and filled  the giant dome, with them. : )
A, Beautiful... reminder, of Beautiful Friends. <3
I'd cleaned up, an old...Mirror, I found, decades, ago.
It'd been hanging in the bathroom.
It's from the mid 1800's.
The mirror part, was broken into many pieces, when I bought it.
John, carefully repaired the broken, 'puzzle', the best he could.
: )
He, much...I loved it, just...the way it was.
New, 'Mirror', simply...wouldn't be the same. : )
It's more precious, to, than ever.
Knowing... John, had so carefully, put it back, together.
Broken Things.
: )
May, God...Bless Them. 
It made me think, of a comment, a girl made....about the rabbit hole.
It, made me...sad, at first.
but, then...
I started to look around.
Most everything, I Cherish...and, have Cherished...most, has been been 'broken', in some way.
It brings to mind...something, I'd read, long my Streams in the Desert.
"When we get to The Pearly Gates, 
The Lord...won't be seeking our 'beauty', 
He'll be examining us, for our 'Battle Scars'."
It's All... about The Journey. : )
As Frustrated..., as I get these days...with myself, I...know, somehow....
I'm supposed to Learn, and Grow.
Love, to You...
Thank You, for Keeping me.
Barb C.

Sweetie, found the Swimming Pool, on Sunday.
She cracks me up.  : )
I've had to DRAG her.... to get into the bath tub...for a bath.
: )
All I need to do, is put a Baby Pool, out... and She'll It!

Liz, Scarlett, and Jack....came to visit, for a bit, on Father's Day. <3
It was Hot.... so, we sat under John's Old....Oak.
Scarlett, opted to stay inside, where it was cooler. : )

Liz, and Jack....under John's Old Oak.
As we were sitting, at the table....Jack, looked off, in the distance, over my shoulder....
He, just sat there...and stared. Then, his little hand, began to, he was waving, at someone...behind me.
Liz, saw it...too. <3
We figured..,John, was there. : ) <3
I'm...pretty sure, of it. <3 

My Hand.
It's useless. I, sat here...this morning, and wept.
I, know...there are so many, in this Old...World, that have Much....Bigger, problems.
I, feel guilty, even complaining, a little bit.
I've got so much, to get done...I'm worn out, just thinking...about it.
It dawned on me, this morning, this may never...get better.
How, will I continue....
Life, will never be the same.
Guess, I should be used to now.
Life, hasn't been the same.... for 4 years.
Leg, is healing. If it wouldn't have been for the Blow Up, because it couldn't drain...
This, would've been long, healed.
Frustrating. : (
I'm So Thankful, for People, like...whoever sent this.
It was in the mailbox, last week. <3
I...don't like, checking the mail.
Never, much good, to be found.
I, was sure....Blessed, by This.
I've received, some Beautiful... Cards, from folks, since my accident.
They...keep me going. <3
Thank You. <3

Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Elusive Dreams - TAMMY WYNETTE & GEORGE JONES DUETS - By Audiophile H...

It's been a Long, hard....week.
: )
After being Tortured...
at The U, {Long Needles...probing my nerves..,and Lots of Electric Shocks.}
 I figured out, {and wouldn't allow them to Torture me, further... ; ) }
They told me, I had nerve damage... not only, severely, in my hand....but, above my elbow.
: )
That's...when I knew.
The reason, I have no feeling in my because, the Tourniquet, used during my surgery, in April... was on too tight, for too long. 
My right arm...'bicep'...was badly injured, from the accident.
The Tourniquet....that was placed there...pretty much, killed the nerves, to my hand.
That's why... I was in excruciatng pain, after the surgery.
I've had a bruise, around my bicep, and a Burning Numbness...
to this day.
I, was from a bruised bone.
It, may be... along, with a Tourniquet, on top of it, for hours.
I, had my fingers, and..hand,  until the surgery.
I don't put blame, on anyone.
I'm just...glad, we've... Finally...
figured it out. 
Now, we can move forward.
I...don't know...if, I'll ever be able to use my right hand, again.
It's...useless, now.
I, Hope....and, Pray.....
It'll Come Alive, again. <3 <3 <3 
My Wonderful Surgeon, is also...Scrambling, for Answers.
: )
He, Truly....Cares.
He's...Ordered Every Test, Under The Sun.
: )
He's told me, many times, I Keep Him...Awake, at Night! 
: )
I've made Huge Strides, with the Therapy. 
: )
but, nerves, come back...well, it'll all... be
Please, keep your Prayers.
The Surgeon, too. 
He's...very, sad. 
Love, to You.
Barb C.

{This Surgeon, and I... have Hit it Off, from Day One.
We Respect, one...another.
I'm Confident, we'll get this all...Figured Out.
; )
It's...Truly, All About The Journey, for us Both.
Please...Keep Us, in Your Prayers. <3 }

I posted, one of my... Favorite Tunes, above, that, Who Knew... a hundred years ago, would... Fit,  this Whole, 'Medical' Situation.
Oh My....
It Fits, in So Many....ways.
We, just...Keep On, Trying. : )
Elusive... Dreams.

{ When I STOPPED, the Electric Shock, Doctor.... I told him, The Surgeon...who'd ordered his treatment, was only....second, to me, when it comes to Pain, about 'This'.
He scoffed.
He said, "He can't begin, to much as you do."
Trust me, he, almost.... does.
I, Know. }

Sunday, June 10, 2018

God Only Knows - BBC Music


But, a Good One.
I found my way down the rabbit hole, finally.
In front of the door, was a sack...
Inside, the sack...was a Bottle of Wine, and a Darling...little Rabbit Bottle Stop. <3
A Sweet, FB Friend, Jodi Philipp, had left here. <3
She thought, I was having a bad day...the other day, and brought them, to help make it better.
: )
They did, She...did. 
: )
We've never met, but...I'm looking forward to Visiting her, at Periwinkle Manor, very soon.

Things, have been rather tuff, for long time.
This City, of Fairfax, with their trail, taking our 'Everything'...and, putting People in danger, has truly... consumed, most...of what is left of me. 
I'm So Very....Thankful, for Folks...who are looking out for me, these days.
May God, Bless Them. <3
God...Only Knows, What I'd Be...Without, Them.
Dear, Friend...Patti...stopped by, today...
Took me to Lunch, we Hit Garden Centers... and Antique Shops. <3
It, was a Lovely...Day. : ) <3
She's been such a Blessing, in my life.
I was up, very early...hit the road, with The Gypsy Ford, to pick up an Old... Workbench.
Pal, Bart... called me about it. <3
I paid, considerably more... than the Folks, were asking...
They, were Kind hold it for me...
and, it was the right thing, to do.
I'll find a Good Home, for it...and come out, just fine.
I, believe...Folks, should treat people Fair. 
{Thanks, so Justin and Katie, for Unloading it, when I got Home! <3 }
Farmer Friends, Lynn and Lea, popped in, this morning. 
It's Good, to see them. : )
They helped me carry in a Bunch of Stuff...
I'd Completely Forgotten about, that was in The Gypsy.
It was like, Christmas!
: )
I'm still, moving so slow.
It's Frustrating.
I, look at this hand, that's so numb, swollen... and frozen.
I, keep thinking, This Should Be Better, by Now!!!
It makes me realize...I'm still, healing.
My entire body...took a horrible hit.
I, understand, better than ever...I'm lucky, to be alive.
I...need to be patient, with myself.
It's very...difficult.
Very, very. : ( 
Patti, and I...talked a lot, about
: )
She, and other Friends, seem to think...I'm doing better. 
My hand, is doing better. 
I, guess...I'm too close, I can't see it. 
When I woke up, this morning....the t.v., had a Minister on.
He, was Amazing.
I, bed, with Sweetie, snuggled close.... listening.
He said... we need to accept things, we cannot change.
Find the The Smallest, things. <3 
Be Grateful...for Everything. 
I, have Much... to be Grateful...for.
We, <3
I'm working this hand, and they tell me too, maybe...a little more than that.
My leg, is healing...nicely. 
But, oh my... I do...wear out, easily.
Thank You, for Your Continued Prayers.
They, Carry Me, you...know. : ) <3
Please...Pray, for us, about this Trail. 
Love, to You.
Barb C.

Patti and I stopped, at The Farmer's Daughter... on our way home.
I picked up Tomatoes, and Onions. Supper. <3
It was a Great Day, spent with a Dear... Friend. <3

This little Workbench, came out of the High School, in Ladora, Iowa. It's Long...Closed.
The Folks, were Wonderful... who owned it. We visited, for a long time.
When you take the time, to talk, and 'Listen'... to Folks, you learn....a lot, we all, have our Own, Crosses to Bear.
Everybody... has a Story.
A 'Journey'.
Miss. Scarlett and I...sing the song I posted above, Often, and...With All of Hearts. <3
: ) 
God Only Knows. <3

Friday, June 8, 2018

Tammy Wynette - Singing My Song

Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time

Linda Ronstadt - Desperado (Simple Dreams Tour - Atlanta 1977).wmv

Tammy Wynette - 'Til I Can Make It On My Own

Linda Ronstadt - Love is a rose



I, gotta tell ya, sometimes...
can be so difficult.
I look back, 10 years, heck...40 years... : )
and Tuff, I thought it was, then.
: )
Boy...was I In for Surprises...or What!
I'm Blessed, in so many ways, I know. : )
It's...just, sometimes.... I wonder, how much more...these shoulders, can carry.
I find it difficult, to function...most days.
I, wish... I could, simply...
Then, I could put each Mountain..., in it's own box, then...
Deal with them...
Most days...I'm Overwhelmed, by Everything...
Piling On.
I'm sure...I'm not alone, feeling this way.
Seems, so many of us...are trying to Forge Ahead, in a, seemingly...
Never Ending Storm.
: (
I, wish... I had some advise, and...Positive Thoughts, to send out.
Some days, many days....I feel frozen, from the load.
I'm so Thankful..for a few, Dear Friends...
Without Them, I...truly...don't know Where, I'd be.
I MISS, the person...I used to be. 
I, Hope... she's still here, somewhere. 
; )
I came across a quote, I'd posted on fb, two years ago.
It says...

"You wake up, every morning...
to fight the same demons... that left you so tired, 
the night, before.
And, That...
my love, 
is Bravery. "

It's so true. True...for so many.
I, look around...and see so much, to be Thankful for.
: )
We, all can. Most of us, I hope.
I feel guilty, worrying and complaining. at all.
I remember, living in a 10x50 trailer...
when I moved out, on my own.
I was 15.
It was winter....there was a screen door, covered with paneling, for a door.
The pipes, under the sink, were, used a 5 gallon bucket, to catch the dishwater.
the furnace, worked...but, I had to turn it on and off, manually. 
I'd get the trailer boiling hot, before I left for work, or school, then...shut it down.
Then, it wouldn't be freezing, when I got home.
I, remember...I had an old record player,
 at night....I'd lay in bed listening to Tammy Wynette, and Linda Ronstadt.
My two favorite albums.
My Best Friend, Dolsey... {Great Dane} kept me warm. <3
I drove an old Chevy...with no heater, no brakes.
I used rubbing keep the windshield defrosted, on the inside.
I used the emergency brake, very...carefully, to stop. 
{Bought that car, for 50.00, I'd sold my truck, to buy the old trailer.}
It was ruff... for a couple of months. Then, I saved gradually...get on my feet, again.
Dad, wasn't any better off. He tried to help me...when he could.
I, was on the outs...with my Mother, and..surely, wouldn't go back.
Before I found the trailer, I was living in an old tin shed. {until it got too cold.}
Dolsey, and I slept on an old cot, someone gave me. I had my 410, for protection....
Nobody bothered us.
 I remember, one night, a bunch of people coming up to the shed, in the middle of the night, yelling for me, and pounding on the shed.
I yelled at them, that I was armed...and they'd better Git.
Then, they identified themselves.
Begged me Not To Shoot!!!
{It's kinda Funny, now. : )
 {It, was kinda Funny, then...too. : )
 I think a couple of 'em had to change their drawers. : ) }
They were people, I knew.
I, still...told them to 'Git'.
Told them, if they wanted to visit, come back during the daylight. 
As Tuff, as Those Times, were...
They Pale, in comparison, today.
I, don't know why.
Maybe... it's like the Harry Chapin Song, 'Taxi', goes....
"There's been too many miles, with too little 'smiles'."
I, don't fix that. 
Love, to ya....
Barb C.
Dad, and Dolsey. <3
This was taken, outside...of the trailer, where I lived.
It was the next Summer.
I'd fixed up, the old trailer, sold it, put a down payment, on a Much...better one.
Dad, helped me. : ) 
We worked hard, that Spring, and Summer... Scrappin' Iron, and hauling car bodies.
Dad rented a neighbor's Ford Car Hauler, for 20.00 a day.
I drove it, and hauled car bodies in, to the junk yard, as fast as I could load them.
The neighbor, Dad rented the Hauler from...
was John. 
: )
That's how I met John. 
Like, The Hatter, 'Alice'.
"You've Lost...Your 'Muchness'."
That's...exactly, how I feel. 
I'm not quite, to find it...again.
I'd Better.
The Jabberwocky's are Circling. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Maren Morris - My Church

Simply Iowa Blog Video June 5

Simple Times... One Day, at a Time.

Just touching base, with the above blog video, above.
I'll add a few notes, and
Still can use only my left hand, to type... so, not much fun.
I'd lost track of time, on the video... it's only Tuesday!!!
Sunday... was, Crazy... Busy....with Folks, here...
Monday, was filled with appointments. 
Seems like I ran for several days, in only...two!
I  posted a picture of myself, this morning. Had a gift certificate, at the Beauty School, so got a perm, last week.
Had to do something. It was either cut it off, or... get a perm, so the hair combs, will stay in my hair. 
I can't use rubber bands to pull my hair up, without help, but... I can use combs.
I like it!
Love the old photos, below. I ran across them, while working down the rabbit hole, on Sunday.
Simpler Times...with Friends.

Hand, is getting a work out...
 still, no feeling, but....I'm trying to keep the hand, itself, from freezing up. 
Not comfortable... but, I must...keep working on it.
My leg, is healing well. : )

I climbed in The Old...'Gipsy' Ford, Sunday evening. 
Hadn't had her on the road, since the accident.
It's about a three foot stretch, to climb in.
It wasn't pretty, climbing, never is....
Went to where Liz, is working... had supper, and...Enjoyed....
Bouncin' Down The Highway!!!
Windows Down...
Great Music...Barin'...
Chrome Stacks... Rollin' Coal!!!
that old, 7.3 Power Stroke...
MY....Kinda... Therapy!!!!
; )

Love, to Ya....
Barb C.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

God Only Knows - BBC Music

A few pictures from The Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

I feel so Blessed to have had such Great Family, Friends, and...Visitors!
I posted a video, below...mentioning several... but didn't mention daughter, Liz...and, Adam...
Cindy Nutt, Dale Freese, Son, Justin...and Katie....
I'm sure, I'm still...leaving some out. : (
We had a Great Crowd, Every Day!!!
Lot's found new Homes!
Thanks, to Everyone...who Stopped By!
I'm still, pretty worn out, but... I'm going to start working on getting things in order...
in the yard, and...rabbit hole.
I feel, like a Snail...but, if I can do, even a little...everyday, It'll Eventually...
Get Done!
; )
Love, to ya...
Barb C.

Grand Babes. <3 <3 <3

Wanda, from Gatherings.
She Busted her Fanny, helping pull this together!
Her feet, looked like mine, by the end of the day!
; )
Gayle, took this picture of Mark, the day before the sale.
Seems I'm not the only one... who get's worn out, setting up, for this!
You don't dare sit down!!!
My wound, turned really ugly...on Sunday.
Between the heat, and... working a little too hard, it went bad, fast.
Everyone here...insisted I go to the ER, Monday morning.
They wanted to keep me there, but... thankfully, one of my Surgeons happened to be working, and came to see me at the ER.
He went to bat for me, showed me how to care for it, and made me promise to rest.
I got to come home, that evening.
Infections from hospitals, worry me.
I'd rather mingle with our germs, at home. 
: )
It's looking much, better... {looks like a Heart!}
: )

June 3rd Simply Iowa Video Blog