Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Workin' on Healin'

I added a Video above... so I don't have to TYPE!!!!
oh my. 
These are two images of my arm and leg. 
oh my.
What a Mess!
My leg is healing...really well, I think.
Praise God!!!!
In the video, I didn't mention many Folks, I want to Thank....
I want to be Sure, and Thank Wanda Tuetken, and Patti Bailey.
Wanda, has went Above and Beyond. She worries over me, like a Big Sister.
Bless her heart. 
Patti, too. She checks on me...and gently scolds me, about taking care of myself.
Bless her heart.
I can be kind of stubborn, and make my Friends worry, I'm sorry for that. 
Thank You, for keeping me in your Prayers. 
They Matter.
Barb C.

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