Friday, May 11, 2018


The Kids are at GOLD RUSH!!!!
They got the trucks unloaded last night, and are getting the booth set, this morning.
Show opened at 8, they are busy....busy!
I'm so Blessed to have Them.
Thanks, also to Katie, and Adam's Mom, Cindy... for watching the Grand Babes, while they are away.
I can't Thank Everyone, enough... who've been helping out. 
Gold Rush runs through Sunday.... hope you can go, and have Fun!!!!
I sure do miss it.
I miss Everyone...there.

Pal, Val... and Pal, Roxanne.
They brought me the beautiful French Cabinet.
that.... was tuff.
very... tuff.

Friend, Donita...
She brought this darling little statue.
She said it reminded her of me.
It reminds me, of Peg.
Donita is soooooo Thoughtful.
She and her husband, Charlie, have an Ornamental Concrete Farm, near Monticello, Iowa.
Whispering Pines.

My Pal, Kate.... She brought flowers, and... supper...and... Cookies, the other day.
I can't tell you, what a Gift....she has been, in my life.
She's one of the most Amazing Women, I've ever my life.
I've Admired her, since the very first time we met. That, was over 20 years ago.
She reminds me, of Katherine Hepburn, in many ways.
Truly, an Amazing... Soul.

I'm posting a short video, above... along with today's....
 that I took, after Val, and Roxanne left, the other day.
It was such... a difficult, day. 
Most days, are...but, there's Many...Blessings, too.
Too many.... Changes.  
My Friend, Judy... sent me a lovely, note...concerning it.
Thanks.... Judy. 
This is more typing, than I can stand, right now. All.
Thank you all... for the continued Prayers.
You...are mine.
Barb C.

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