Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pennies from Heaven.

My Heart....Swelled, as I saw how Dale's Friends, came to help....
'Antique Family' <3 <3 <3 
From left to right....
Roger Mapes, Dan Olmsted, Dale, Colleen Alpers, and Thom Rawson.
Roger, and his wife, in Illinois, and helped Dale, after the accident, and brought him home, to Iowa... from the Hospital, in Peoria.

The Horrible accident, was one week ago.
Dale, was en route to Arther, Il., for an Antique Show.
While travelling on Highway 74, not far, past Peoria...  Dale heard, and felt a rumble, coming from the trailer.
He was looking in the side mirror, trying to figure out where the problem was....
he looked up, and saw a Dump Truck, stopped, or rolling slow, in his lane. He, thought...maybe...10 feet ahead of him.
He was traveling over 50 mph, and didn't have time, to hit the brakes.
Thankfully, both...Dale, and the Dump Truck Driver, are o.k. 
Truly...a God 'thing'. 
Dale's, Old... Ford Van, broke down in Nashville, a few weeks ago, at another Show... and was beyond repair, so... he bought this, Ford F350...there.
It, saved his life.
Had he been in his Van, we don't think he would have survived this. 
Dale, is very....very...bruised, and sore...but, he walked away.
Many Folks, at The Show, Dale was heading to, contributed to a collection, they took up for Dale.
Many, have helped him, Iowa, as well. 
I, called Green's, in Marion, Iowa... they rent Penske Trucks, they are Great Folks, 
{John and Seth...go way back.... <3 }
 and, I asked them get a 26 Foot Truck, ready for us.
I, thought it was just going to be Colleen, and I... but, then... we had Great Folks, step up....
and Help.
<3 <3 <3 
They all rode together....and met Dale, and I.... near Peoria.
It only took us about 45 minutes to load, and less...when we got to Dales, to unload.
Pal, Mark Nutt, and one of Dale's Neighbors... met us there.
It was Great!!!
It was cold....and a lot...of Miles, but... Everybody...stepped up.
We all know, Dale...would have for any of us. Dale...has. : )
Colleen, sorted totes, and repacked everything, that wasn't broken... 
Thankfully, Colleen thought to bring a bunch of new totes.
Every tote, itself...that was inside the trailer, was destroyed.
Dale's tote's are ready to go... Thanks, to her! <3
He lost, the equivalent of half of one tote, in 'smalls'.
two, of his best pieces, were broken.
I, say... SO WHAT!!!!! Hahahaha!
: )
He, hated to see them lost, after surviving for nearly 200 years.
I, call them survivors, just the way they are. <3 
 Told him, he should have them repaired, and keep them Always.
A Reminder, of The His Life!
Dale and I...talked about a lot of things, on our...nearly 500 mile trip.
Friends, Faith...Blessings... Gratitude...Forgiveness...and, the Wonder...of Miracles.
We had the Penske...for two days. all of the Help...
we had it back, last 6:30.
I couldn't believe it. 
<3 <3 <3 
The images a lot of broken things.
There, were a LOT....of Survivors, too.
Dale, was sure...nothing...could have survived.
He had an old Cupboard, I'd sold him...years ago, on the load. He'd just pulled it from his house.
It was Big....and...Heavy!!!
{of course. : ) }
It Made It!!!
Even, the Early Corner Cupboard, that was in the very front, can be repaired.
It has paned glass doors, very...old.
I, didn't have much hope, for that.
Five of the old pieces of glass....survived, too. 
The thing is, none...of this, matters. 
We Love...the Old...., but....the Real Treasures....
were the Drivers, that walked away.
: )
When we were trying to Old Step Back Cupboard, at the front...that, truly, is beyond repair....
Roger pointed at something..., sitting on it.
It was a Penny.
I, put it in my pocket, and gave it to Dale... when I climbed in the Truck.
'Angels'....are near.
When I climbed into bed, last night....
I pulled the covers back, and...
there was a Penny, next to my pillow.
It was quite a Day, Filled with Blessings.
Dale asked me to write a letter, to Ford Motor Company, for him. 
He wants to Thank Them... for Building such Great Trucks!
My... Pleasure. 
Dale knows, it was more...than a Ford, that saved him.
There were some Angels....sent., too. 
Love to ya...
Barb C.

Colleen. <3 <3 <3 

Dan and Thom.

Out of a dozen totes....of smalls, all, that was broken.
The Burl Bowl.....was a 2200.00 bowl.
Dale's trailer wasn't insured, nor...are the contents.
His homeowners, might pick up, a little of it.
Made us all think, about checking our policies. 

This, could have all...went, a very....different, direction.
Dale, was Very...Blessed.
: )

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