Saturday, May 20, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Sale, is posted below this post! Had to share News, about Daughter, Liz..tonight!

Baby Jack....
On His Way!
The Kids, are at the Hospital...all checked in, tonight!
Please...keep The Kids, in Your Prayers!
Thank You!
Love, to ya...
Barb C.
Liz was helping me with yard work, on Thursday...for The Memorial Day Weekend Sale.
She's been working, Bar Tending... every Thursday thru Sunday nights...until tonight.
{She Runs Her Tail...Off! }
Her water broke, work.
She couldn't reach watch Miss. Scarlett.
{I was in the store, and left my phone in The Gypsy Ford. : ( }
She couldn't get a hold of her Brother, Justin...or...Katie.
Oh Dear!
She and Adam...were Frantic!
{Trying to get this like Herding Cats! : ) }
She called, Pal... Mark. He answered...: ) He was on his way, when I got the message.
I beat him here. : )
We're all...just waiting.
I'll keep ya posted. 

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