Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Amana, Iowa Estate Tag Sale September 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Wally Christen
509 45th Ave
 Amana, Iowa

 Sept. 11th 5 'til 8 p.m.
{numbers at 4 p.m.
 We'll be letting 25 to 30 in at 5, then as quickly as we can, let more inside.}
12th 8 'til 7 
13th 8 'til 7
{25% off after 2 p.m. on the 13th }
14th 10 'til 6 
{50% off most items on the 14th }

This Sale is Full of Early 'Amana' Handmade Furniture, of every shape... size and condition.
It's been an interesting 'Adventure' pulling this Sale Together.
It's like a Time Capsule that holds items from the mid 1800's 'til... a few years ago.  
This Home is One of the First Homes {Handcut Sandstone} built in Amana, if not the very first.
It was a Bakery...
 'The Bachelor's House'....
before Wally's family moved in.
It was added on to in the 1950's.
It needs some work... and 'elbow grease'... but would make someone a Lovely Home.
It's situated in a Great Location, as well.
The Family will be considering 'Offers'...for The Home during this Sale.
This Old Home... is Beyond Full.
Wally was a 'Collector'... of 'Many' things.
There is everything from exercise equipment.... a '78 Fiat Bertone {complete, for parts only}, mid century Paintings and pottery to Hundreds of Angels. 
Things from the mid 1900's to modern that Wally had gathered.
There is also... Wally's Ancestors Furnishings...
Lots of It.
They didn't throw anything away.
We have been sorting for weeks. 
Here is a Partial Listing
Several Amana Cupboards
{from the mid to late 1800's, some with paint, most with original Finish}
Several Tables...
{Work, Dining, Side, and Stands.}
Sewing Machine...
Two Amana Work Benches.
{one is Very... Primitive.... Very Early and Wonderful }
Several Early Benches, of every size.
Early Crocks, Jugs and Storage Jars.
Loads of Paper Items.
We will have the Lawn Full... at Sale Time... Weather permitting.
There is Much.
We put up a Big... Tent... it...will be... Full, as well.
{Including Many Early Photographs of Amana,
 several stamped by the Local Photographer ' William Noe' }
Many Real Photo Post Cards of Early Amana 
{There will be several 'Groupings' of the images, that will be sold by 'Sealed Bid'
Bids will be taken through Saturday }
Amana Clothing, Bedding and Sewing Items.
Beautiful Parlor Stove.
a Dobereiner's Lamp along with two Early, Whale Oil Lamps.
1700's and 1800's German Books {loads of them}
Old Western Books, Paperbacks... etc.
Linens of all kinds.
Several Amana Wardrobes.
Hand Dovetailed Benches.
Several Amana Chests of Drawers.
Many Amana Woven Rugs, and Baskets of every shape and size.
Amana 'Sorting' Tray
Many handmade tin pieces, including an early Wine Siphon...
Very Early Heart Shaped 'Wall Paper Box' {sealed bids on this item }
Several Hand Dovetailed Trunks and Boxes.
Many Tools.
Dozens of Early, Unusual Bottles.
I could go on and on.
I'll be posting images on www.simplyiowa.blogspot.com until Sale Time. 
{ simply iowa on Facebook as well }
No Early Sales.
{Bring Boxes and Packing Material }

Everything is As Is...Where Is.
All Sales are Final.
We are not responsible for accidents or theft.
Cash, Credit and Debit accepted... Checks... with proper ID.
Wear your Grubbies... and Bring a Truck...to this one... : )
Be prepared to spend some time. 
There won't be many of these 'Sales'...ever... again.
Don't Miss It. 

{Call me, at 319-241-1348 for further questions }
{Come Early... there is Much Great Shopping throughout The Amana Colonies! }

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cindy said...

Happened to be in Amana today--found the house--it just about talks to you from the outside, I can only imagine the inside. Amber (niece) immediately said we should buy it because we could have such beautiful gardens!