Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'll be in the Flat Bed the Little Purple Ford Truck...and His BIG DADDY DIESEL FORD! {with big 'ol Stacks!!!} {oh dear...he is his mother's son...}
We're pickin' up a Massive load of Ornamental Concrete This Morning!!!!
Just in Time for The Garden Party!
Love to Ya!
Barb C.


pollyanns said...

Yay for you!!! Don't lift then turn... lift all you want, turn all you want... just don't lift then turn :0)
Love ya - great to see you!!! Chair is at the upholsterers for retying

simplyiowa said...

Justin IS THE MAN!!!!
He hefted those Frickin' Big Daddy Urns...and Loaded all 3 Trucks...I THINK I FOUND MY NEW SHOW PARTNER!!! I wish I could afford to hire him... my Lord...we Could Move MOUNTAINS!
I am so excited about the Chair!
Thanks again...Sweet Polly!
Love to Ya!
Barb C.