Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's Back....Oh My Gosh... Awesome Gourds...come see...

Peg has been working and night....These Gourds are Out of this World!!!! and...very affordable! Starting at only 35.00, and none over 200.00!!! She will have them at the Anamosa Show, this Sunday.... This is Amazing Folk Art....Peg just started making Wall Pockets, and will make their debut, Sunday, at the Show...They are Wonderful! You will Flip! I did!
{ you can reach Peg, to place an order at 573-735-5112} or, come see us, Sunday!

1 comment:

Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

Oh for sh!ts sake! I knew I shouldn't have even looked! They are all amazing (as per usual)...I am IN-LOVE with the one with the conversation hearts!!!