Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its Show Time!!!!

Here's Mark... He'd had enough, 2 hours before we quit, for the night... Poor Peg, was staggering... me...I'm tired...and my feet hurt... Other than that...It's all Good.... The Show has some, Great Stuff!

We worked until after 10, tonight....and Poor Peg, was about to collapse! The Boys, Justin and Josh, were a God send! We are almost done! We have about an hour left, of detail work... So we have to be up and running, by 5, show opens at 7:30....See Ya There!


Kay said...

Shoot, Girl! I'm drooling over the quilts, the rug, the table runner, the blue chairs, the TABLE! The cubbie/bin thingie and the stained glass door window. Wish I could be there... Have a GREAT Show!

Curtains In my Tree said...

Your booth looks so good and that sounds really familiar to be I mean being dead tired.

I love setting up at open air markets but is a lot of work for one day

Since you have such great stuff you should do very well.

I am coming up to Iowa this year and will look you up. I 'm going to map quest now and find where you are


summersundays-jw said...

Wish I could have been there -- I would like to have everything in your booth. Bet you come home with an empty trailor. It's such hard work -- & then they want you to give it to them. Good luck! Jan

crowbiddy said...

Absolutely FABULOUS booth, Barb. LOVE the table. I so wish Iowa was closer.