Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Auction Stuff Gathered...

Had a great afternoon...Ran down to the Auction House, and gathered my stuff... I visited with Dwight, and Junelle Duwa, they are sooo fun....{Duwa's Auctions, Wellman, Iowa} Sandy, from Amazing Grace Antiques, in Amana, was there, at the Auction House, with her truck, all loaded, then, helped me load...what a Sweet Pea!{then...when I got home, Justin and Josh, ran outside to help unload...what Sweet Hearts!} Sandy and I found our way to Sisters' Garden, and had a great chat with Barb H. She is re-doing, and it looks Wonderful, as always!
{this is a Wonderful Old Hardware Store Nail Bin, that may be in Anamosa, Sunday...It's 9'3, and only 20 inches deep, or so... has a Great back... would be wonderful counter space in the kitchen, in the middle of the room...or, on a wall... It would be a Super display, for textiles...or clothing, in a store!}
Peg is coming up today, {with her Amazing Valentines Gourds!} and staying through the Anamosa Show, on Sunday...My gears have been spinning like crazy...I have some great ideas for Spring... When one door closes, another, truly Opens... God is Amazing...{I'll be sharing all of the exciting new changes with you, when I get them all hashed out!!!}
Peg is PUMPED about Nashville...{I'm almost scared... I'm usually the 'Wild Child'...I should Never have told her, "What Happens in Nashville....Stays, in Nashville"....Oh Dear....}
Got lots done... Lot's more to go...
I'm going to have a wonderful load for Anamosa...It's going to be Great!
I'll See Ya There!
Have a Warm and Sunny Day!!!
{Steve, from Antiques of Marion, just told me it's going to be 20 below, real temp, here, in the morning...Yee Haw!}
Barb C

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