Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smokehouse Square Antiques...Oh My....

While I was waiting for Steph... in Amana, I popped in at Smokehouse.... {Cindy is probably still mopping up my drool...} That antiques shop, is to die for... I can see why it has been in business for so many years... It has the most amazing treasures, I have ever seen in one Store... The extremely hard to find stuff... I only had a few minutes, to run through, but found this wonderful, dry, old bowl, and this Amazing Tree... Cindy has gathered the best dealers in the area, to her shop... they all work incredibly hard, to find the best stuff...{this is where my son, Justin, does Christmas shopping, for his Mother, when he draws my name! I jump up and down, when he gets my name... Colleen and Cindy always 'help' him pick something out...Oh Boy!!!} Be Sure and visit them, over Prelude, the first weekend in December...You will be blown away! Located on 'F' Street, Amana...319-622-3539...{be sure and visit all of the Wonderful Stores, throughout the Villages... Oh My!}

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