Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy, Busy! but...I'VE GOT JOY!

Had a sweet comment, this morn, about my song.."'I've Got Joy"... I know. I put some crazy music on, from time to time... but..I gotta tell ya.... This song gets me goin'! I'm on my feet, dancin'...and, my friends... I need to be... absolutely no time to have one single, monotone, or discouraging thought.... I have to keep these feet headed straight forward.... and what better way, than start the day out Dancin', and hearing that Jesus is the Rock, I'm standing on Today...I've Got Joy! I will be getting some business done, early, then have plans to help Steph, set the Beautiful Christmas display, at the Festhalle Barn, in Amana, for 'Prelude to Christmas'.... I'll have images, today,or tomorrow! Keep on a Dancin'! Barb C. { I wonder if people have seen me scooting across the floor...? oh well... if they are peeking in the windows... guess they should expect to get an eye full... They will have a little laugh, and Joy, the guys in the white suits!}

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