Thursday, October 7, 2010

Country Junction ...mmmm....mmmm.... in Dyersville, Iowa!

Oh my.... Mark and I stopped in, at Country Junction Restaurant, after shopping with Cathy, and the Girls, at Plaza Antique Mall, in Dyersville....{'Field of Dreams' location} It was amazing.... The food was Great.... The service was....Great.... The home made pies... well... they are out of this world! {I am a huge 'Pie Connoisseur'... I have made pies since I was 15.... I know a good one!} Kay does an amazing job....Kay's brother, John, is a dear friend... They are both, the sweetest... be sure and pop in... it's right on Hi Way 20... just minutes from Dubuque...{ I brought a variety of slices of pie home, for John...oh my...}
Raisin {their #1, best seller.... oh my gosh.... and... Strawberry Rhubarb....} Mark and I were in Heaven.... We sat in the Silo portion, of the restaurant.... It was so comfy! We had a Millstream Beer, from Main Amana, and Cajun Pasta... Wow... we each took half of it home....Very Nice! This is above the bar... A beautiful, Silo.... Cool!


Kathy said...

Hi Barb! Love your blog! Thanks for including me. The Junction's pie's are the best, I still suggest the sour cream apple. It is amazing! It is fun reading about all the familiar people and places in the antique world and a few new ones.
It was great seeing you yesterday and catching up. Since I learned the road goes both way I will have to take the time to take a road trip your way. LOL
Take Care! Kathy

Kay said...

Hi Barb!!!
I am so SORRY I couldn't be there yesterday to meet with you. I was really bummed when Heidi called to see where I was at. I see you finally got your pie!! I also wanted to say that Kay isn't what makes Country Junction a special place, but it is our staff or as we refer to them, Our CJ Family. They are a dedicated group of employees and it shows in the great food & service that they provide to our customers. I hope I can make it to one of your showings soon. THanks for thinking of us & stopping in. :)