Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whew... What a day!

{This is the most Darling couple.... So full of energy, and enthusiasm! We had a wonderful visit! I sent them all over, and hope they have Great success in the area... I have no doubts! Thanks, Debbie, for following my crazy journey!} Barb C {This is a partial shot, I took earlier, today... Some of these pieces, sold, this afternoon...So... I've made a few calls, and will be filling in the Gaps! Yeah!}
{ this is a cool old Jelly Cupboard, my Pal, Bart, called me on.... It came from an Estate, in central Iowa... It's really Gnarly!}
{this is the 'Sister' Dry Sink, from the Northern Iowa Farm... It's Walnut, under that paint... a very neat old Piece!}
Well... the truck is pretty much loaded... I just need to grab the stoneware, and wooden bowls... tool box... drill... and whatever else catches my eye... and... I'll be on the road again! Can't wait to see everyone! Had some sweet folks stop in today! Lots of visitors! Kenny and Debbie Berry, Blog Followers, from Missouri, made a stop here! What a Sweet Couple... Wish we would have had more time! They are going to try and make it back for the Fall Harvest Sale, the first weekend, in October! I'd love to see 'em! Then it was back to loading.... I think it's going to be a Great Show!
I'm heading for be... it's almost 10:30... and I have to be up by 4:30.... Yeesh...
Hope to see ya in Minnesota!
Barb C.
{ I forgot to mention, how nice it was to see Amy N. She is such a Sweet Heart.... She drove all the way out to the shop, to pick up a doilie, for her Grandmother...Amy had seen it, a while back, and her Grandmother has been a bit blue, so she's sending it to her... How Sweet is That! I told her to just take it... but... she insisted on paying me... I only agreed, when she said, " have a drink on me, at Rochester"... well... when she put it that way.... I will be calling her, from Michael's, and toasting Amy... What a Dear!}
Barb C.

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