Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peg's Back!

Ahhh...Vintage...Mosaic....Concrete....Oh my.... One can never have enough....this just came in, to the shop, last night... Whooo Hoooo!
Peg and I hit the road a runnin'! She rode 'Shotgun', while I made deliveries...{she says she feels 100%... I'm not letting her touch anything.... she needs to get her strength back, before grabbing on to another concrete piece!} We are hooking up, again, today...and who knows where we will land! Peg has been working on her gourds, during her recovery... They will be here, at my sale, the first weekend in October... Here's your chance... they have been selling like crazy... They are... Amazing...
I'm going to be visiting an old friend, soon... who was raised 'Iowa Farmhouse Style'... and I'll be posting that, on the other blog...Some folks are having a hard time getting there... If so... simply go to my 'view my complete profile',{on the right side of the blog, down from my calender of events} then you will see 'my blogs', and click on 'Iowa Farmhouse Style'... you will also see, who I follow... they are all wonderful.... go visit them, as well!
Gotta Go!
Have an Amazing Tuesday!
Barb C.


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

GREAT mosaic pieces!!. I have done a table and buffet so I know the work that goes into those.

Stitched With Prayer said...

The mosaic piece is beautiful! I had to comment though on the post before this one "The Melter". You said 'don't blink'! My 22 year old grandson was here last night for a bit and I was saying the same thing to my hubby this morning about him. You see, his mom was just 16 when he was born so we encouraged her to stay in school and go to college which she did and consequently, we raised him while she finished 'growing up' too. When did he become 22 years old...? I must have blinked! "J" truly is a "Melter". My gosh he is beautiful. Why is it the boys always get those beautiful eyes, LOL? Thanks for sharing.

sue in mexico mo said...

Great pieces! I bet they are very heavy.