Thursday, August 26, 2010

Headed to Des Moines!

Headed straight south, to pick up a load, then, west, to see Jo, in Des Moines! It's going to be a long, long day! I am anxious to see Jo... {Jo's Brantiques, Carlisle, Iowa} She's getting ready for an auction, and is selling her beautiful home, and building a new one, and a new shop, on her other 50 acres...I can't wait to see the plans!
Jo put an order in, with me, a few weeks back, for 11 columns, for her new store, and home.... I found exactly that number, in one trip... How cool is that!
I have to be back, by 6, or so... Mark is coming to pick up a few things, and, I have to get a cupboard unburied, for another friend... I'm on the road, again, tomorrow... and Saturday... Oh Dear...
I'll see ya soon!
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{thanks to all have become followers!}
Have thee most Wonderful Day!
Barb C.


Amy N said...

Don't know what direction you are headed on Sat but if it is south I'll be at 906 N Main St in Mt Pleasant Sat & Sun selling some of my accumulation.....chairs, tables, trunks, glass ware, light fixtures even a brass bed if I can get it loaded....going to channel you and the Fuso to try to get the job done ; )

Deppenhomestead1862 said...

Beautiful walnut wardrobe. What a find! I enjoy the pictures & reading on your blog

summersundays-jw said...

I didn't know you had a new blog. How did I miss that!!!! I'm having a hard time finding it. You might put a link on the side of your simplyiowa blog to make it easier. Hope you have a good day. Jan