Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fiddlin' Around...{ the columns are all headed to Jo's!}....

I think, between the 2 sets of columns... these should do both of her buildings... Hope she likes 'em! { I LOVE THESE TOPS!!!!}
Spent the afternoon, getting things ready, for Gold Rush... John had unloaded, a lot of the stuff, in the truck, and repaired a leak in the roof, of the FUSO... Many things were ruined....{the fun never ends...} I always take orders, and have an ongoing 'Want List', for friends, and customers.... My dear friend, Jo, {Jo's Brantiques... Carlisle, Iowa} has asked me to do a little hunting, for her.... She gave me quite a compliment... {Jo does interior design, and has helped Meredith Publishing, {Country Home, Country Gardens...over the years... She and I also shared a booth at Heart of Country, in Nashville, several years ago... She does several shows, in the
Des Moines area, and has 2 wonderful sales a year, at her home! They are Amazing...{I'll let ya know, when she gets moved, to her new location!} I Love her....} I called her about some things I thought would work, in her new building projects... New house, and Store... I gave her my opinion, on the Architectural pieces, her reply..." If you say they will work, that's good enough for me... I trust your judgement"...{ That made me feel so good... coming from such a talented person....} Actually, I have several people, who respect my 'eye'... I have never really thought about it, seriously... I know my customers, intimately... I know what they love... I am also, very blessed, to have a few 'seekers', that know all too well, what I love... and call me, when it comes in... This happened, yesterday... A friend told me about some columns he had purchased, and, they sounded like something Jo could use... So, yesterday evening, I ran South, to get some images... I loved them... and bought them... Called Jo, and if she doesn't like them, I have another friend, on deck... sight unseen...{ he called, last night...he had driven by my house... the little Ford was gone... he said, he thought...." I'll bet she's out 'Junkin!' "... and wanted to know, where the heck I was 'Junkin', at 9:00 at night... he was very Jealous!} What a crazy world...I bought several cool things, I just don't know how the heck, I'm going to fit a 40 foot load, in a 20 foot box.... Liz isn't going to be there to help...{ so, the little Ford has no driver...you'd think that little truck could find it's way up there, all by it's self, by now!} oh my.... what a mess... I think back, when my old Pal, Julie, and I, did all of those grueling shows... she and I built houses... Just to tear them down, in 2 days... I miss her... Mark is great, but... he's so busy doing his own thing, he gets a little annoyed, at all of the details { hoops, I make my show partner jump through... yeah, sometimes 'flaming hoops'...} Julie was a Saint...
Well... onward, and upward! I know I can make it happen! Give me my cordless drill, a box of sheet rock screws, a sturdy ladder, tons of fabric, old, gnarly doors, some gnarly room sized rugs, lots of moss, and shredded coconut, and of course, masses of the Coolest, most Soulful Junk around...{ Not to mention... the heaviest...}{ and several rolls of wire} and... Voila!
I'm headed to the truck! I'm all Pumped up! YES I CAN!
Barb C.


The Tattered Cottage said...

WOW!! Those columns are GORGEOUS! I never find anything as beautiful as those columns around here in Idaho! I recently became a follower...I had sumbled across your blog and I LOVE IT! You have the best treasures! The factory carts on wheels are my FAVORITES!! Oh, how I wished I lived closer!

summersundays-jw said...

We wanted to come to Gold Rush but guess that won't happen. Maybe we can make the Sept. one or maybe even your sale. Good luck this weekend. I'll look forward to pictures so make sure that battery is charged. Jan