Friday, August 27, 2010

300 miles... and the most important part of the journey... only a few feet

here are a few of the gatherings, I harvested yesterday... I just unloaded them this morning, to get an image for you... There is Lots more... and... some never made it home... but found happy homes, between here and Des Moines! These are 2, of three early samplers, I picked up yesterday...Gotta Love 'em
I was on the road, bright and early.... Had to run about 45 miles south, to pick up the 'Big Daddy' columns, for Jo's new house.... then, head west, 125 miles, towards Des Moines...It was great seeing Bill A., Nancy, {rug cottage} and Barb, {sisters' garden} I was running through, early, but, saw people moving around, at their stores, so I popped in! Then on, to Jo's... The load was occasionally rubbin' on the bed... but, no worries... I took the back roads, as far as I could...I just had a bad feeling about interstate 80... There have been many major accidents, on 80, in the last month... I set the cruise, at 70, {the speed limit} and, of course was being past like I was standing still.... About 90 miles into the trip, I had just been past, by 2 semi's, and had the rest of the 'Nascar' pack, drafting my rear end...I'm talkin' to Peg, on the phone... all of a sudden... all I see is white smoke, coming from the rear trailer duals, of both of the semi's ahead, and their trailers both sliding sideways, leaving black rubber marks, right at my nose... I tell Peg, "gotta go"... hit my brakes, and emergency flashers, and start looking for a way out... I've got semi's, and half a dozen cars at my back door, two, stopped at the door, can't see, on either side of the hiway.... so.. I opted for the median...Took the grass.... as I was driving through the dirt, I saw one of the semi drivers, in the center of the hiway, stopped, resting on his steering wheel, in shock... he was o.k., but his truck wasn't... his grill was gone... fluid spewing everywhere... then, I saw 4 more big trucks, on the right shoulder... with men, walking... had I taken the right side shoulder, I would have piled right into them... All I can think of, is the 4 trucks had stopped, to get something major off the road.... and had no time, before the next 2 semi's,{One, hitting the object, and annihilating his front end} and me, came upon them... it was on a knoll... and no way, could any of us see what was ahead of us...Oh Dear... I called 911, and the Highway Patrol was close, the dispatch said they'd have someone there quick.... I didn't hear anything, so hopefully, everyone got away safe... In 300 miles... the most important stretch of the journey, amounted to less than 100 feet... Angels...Angels...
As my old Pal, Julie, would say..."Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln... how was the play?" Well, the 'Play" was grand... Had a great time with Jo, bought tons of great stuff, in Des Moines...sold some of it, on the way home, and got it delivered, last night...and... I Am Alive...and...Well...
I'm back on the road today... a friend is stopping by, this morning to look at a cupboard, then, another 300 miles, or more, today! { I have to pop in, at our bank, and wish the President, Dave Neuhouse, a happy 80th! He doesn't look a day over 60! Really... He's sharp as a tack!}
Hope everyone has a Most Amazing Day!
Barb C.


Deppenhomestead1862 said...

What a scare, glad to hear you are okay. Hoping the people in the wreck are okay!
Looks from the pictures some good finds!
Have a safe journey!

Deppenhomestead1862 said...

Glad to hear you are okay. Hoping the others are to!
Looks like you find some good stuff!
Have a safe journey

Betty G said...

All I can say is "Whew!!!!" Honey, I am so glad you are safe and sound. Those guardian angels of yours had their hands on the wheel and their feet on your brakes!!! And I am certain they had some additional help from the good Lord above! ((((BIG OE HUG))))Luv~Betty