Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still in 'Fast Forward'! {'Gold Rush' Gathering!}

Yesterday was John's Birthday...He's not much into celebrating, so I picked him up his favorite pizza, and we watched t.v., on his new flat screen, that the kids and I went together on, for his Birthday... I think he was a happy man.... I spent the day on the road... from southern Iowa, to northern Iowa. Made deliveries, then, picked up 2, 1870's or 80's dry sinks, and a neat old wooden Farm Scale.... I love those old scales.... I'll have images later...I'm back on the road, again, today, looking at a mid-1800's cupboard, and a few other treasures, before I have to be back home, for an appointment, at 1.... Like I said... Pictures, later.... See ya tonight! Barb C.

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