Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gnarly Ironstone... Gnarly Pincushions...Life is Good....

{ as I was taking images, earlier, I imagined, what would be wonderful, in this little Ironstone Darling... Tomatoes... fresh, sweet, ripe tomatoes...but... I have none.... so...gnarly, vintage tomato pin cushions were a perfect fit!....} Liz and I were out and about, yesterday... Went to Gail's Sale, and several others... Sally was loaded to the hilt! We had to put her top down, to get an upholstered chair in... the trunk, back seat and floor, of the little Mustang, was totally packed! A 4 gallon red wing crock, boxes and boxes of glassware, a gnarly tin planter, and sacks of miscellaneous, poked around everything... Sally did a great job! I got everything unloaded, and put in the shop, last night... Katie brought out Baby 'J'... What a treat to see them! He is growing like a bad weed! Kate says he's really getting active, and keeping her on her toes! Oh Boy! I'm workin' in the shop, today... lots to get done! Hope Everyone has The Most Beautiful Sunday.... Barb C.

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