Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're Headed North....

Lot's of great images, but I'm not on my computer... I'll share when I get home! We are headed for an Antique Mall in Columbia, MO. Artichoke Annie's.... We have never been, so I think it will be a treat! We drove from New Orleans, to west of St.Louis, yesterday, and made great time... To think... New Orleans... a one day drive... See Ya Soon! Barb C.

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Anonymous said...

This message is probably too late, but there is another antiques mall near Artichoke. It is very new, but worth checking out. It is called The Veranda and is at exit 133 on I-70. Then you could come back through Mexico, mO and stop and see me at Coal Street Antiques. :-)

Sorry I'm posting anonymous - google won't let me post today. . :-(

Sue in Mexico, MO