Saturday, June 5, 2010

We Are in Natchez, Mississippi... Oh My....

We had quite the day... A wonderful day... The South is truly Amazing... We had a flat tire... well, not really flat, just getting there, and loosing air... so we stopped at a Truck Stop, and had it changed... Then we rolled on, and took a scenic route, only 50 mph., for a hundred miles... but, it was the most wonderful hundred miles, I have driven, in a long, long time... It was between Jackson, MS., and Natchez.... Amazing...{ Lynn, you would never make a farmer, here in Mississippi... The corn has ears on it, already, and it's stalks are about 3 feet tall... Not quite like home...{ maybe it's a miniature version... I don't know... It has tassels, I don't know what it is... But our farmers would cry, with a crop like that...}Thanks to Allyson's sister, Bethany, who jumped on her computer, back at home, we found the most Amazing BBQ, in Memphis.... "Jim Neeley's Interstate BBQ" It was something I will never forget... When we arrived in Natchez, it felt like home... I may have to stay... A cool Red Ford Truck, with a massive diesel, was impatiently waiting at a light... It was all jacked up, with lights, everywhere... I said to Allyson, if I didn't know better, that would be Justin.... {My son...} Yep, home... We travelled through this wonderful, historic town, as it was getting dark... We stumbled across this, most amazing hotel... It reminds me much, of the Opryland... Oh my! It's right on the Mississippi, and we have the most amazing view... We checked in, then headed up town... had some wonderful Gumbo, fried egg plant, and the best strawberry cake, we have ever eaten... I washed it down, with a glass of red wine, and.... all is right with the world... I intend to take lots of images, tomorrow, of all the sights... We are staying at a Plantation, B&B, near New Orleans, tomorrow, then, another Mansion, in New Orleans, for the rest of the week... If we turned, and went home, today, this would have been a perfect 'get away'... Getting to see Peg and Mike's Amazing home, and having a wonderful supper with them... Eating Fantastic BBQ, in Memphis, Staying in the Fantastic 'Natchez Grand Hotel', Eating at the fun and funky 'Cotton Alley Cafe', for supper... Wow... I'm on overload... We were told there are lots of great Antique Shops, in St. Francisville, it's on our way South... Can't wait!!! Wish You All Were Here!
I'll Keep Ya Posted!
Barb C.


summersundays-jw said...

What a trip! Makes me want to get in the car and take off. Glad you're having such a great time. I'll look forward to the pics. Jan

ginger said...

I am disapointed that you will miss our sale,but girlfriend you are having a way better time than we are.
You know what it's like getting ready for a big sale with lots of people.Looking forward to pictures.
Have a cold one for me Ginger