Friday, June 18, 2010

Smalls out the Wazoo!

These images were taken, as I was driving, and holding my camera out the window...This wall cloud, came out of nowhere... It was dark, to the west, all morning... But, I didn't see this, until it was too late....
Went Garage Saling, early, this morning, and found tons of stuff!!!! Oh My Gosh! Everything from a Great Tin Topped Baker's Table, to crocks, jugs, apothecary bottles, ironstone, advertising, gnarly shelves, old wooden boxes... from teeny tiny ones, to a dove tailed chest!!! The truck was piled high! I kept watching the weather, storms were predicted, for this evening.... I kept looking to the west.... I was getting nervous....Things just felt weird... I had a lot of paper pieces, old dolls, and fragile misc. on the back, and didn't need to see a drop of rain.... It was only, around noon... I searched the radio, for weather reports... Nothing... At my last stop, I ran into my friend, Bud.... I asked him to help me carry the stoneware, I had just purchased....{ by now, the sky was really looking ominous} I looked off to the west, and was running... I frantically started filling the truck's cab, with everything that would fit, and started for home.. Hoping I could out run the storm... I had nothing tied down... I turned on the radio, and they were finally saying a severe storm was, by then about on top of me!!! Grrr! 70 mph winds, buckets of rain...I could see a wall of rain, coming across a field, I knew I was in big trouble.... I had called John, about an hour before that, and asked him to stay close to home, he may have to help me get this stuff off... Looks like rain... He said, it's not going to rain, 'til tonight.... It was raining so hard, I put my emergency flashers on, and prayed, I didn't wonder into someones path... I couldn't see... I couldn't stop.... I was afraid I'd get hit, by someone else... As I approached home, a mile or so, away, rain still pouring, I called John, and asked how close I could get to his shop unload, the now, very wet furniture... He asked why... I said, It's raining.... He said, "No it isn't"... Well... let me tell ya... He must have been in Fairfax,Virginia, at that moment... In Fairfax, Iowa... It was a monsoon....And, I was a drowned rat.... John stood, at the open door of his shop, I'm frantically trying to get the tailgate down.... He yells, " Do you need me, for anything".... { as I'm pulling off the big Baker's Table...and sopping wet...} I just stood there, and looked at him...Good grief! Grrr... Oh Well... Everything got a good bath... Including me... I was running at first, as I was unloading... But, then I decided, once you are soaked to the skin... well... what's a little more rain....
I'll be posting images of the treasures, later, or this weekend... I'm headed back out, in the morn.....Oh my... The Fun Never Ends...{ I think I have some pretty neat things... Everywhere I went, folks were digging through my stuff, and wanting to buy it! That's always a good sign, you're doin' something right!}
Barb C.
{Everything survived, but I came up to the house, changed clothes, ate lunch, wrapped up, in a blanket, and fell asleep...I was up 'til after 1, this morning, then, back up, at 6, and running sales... so, I guess I was tired.... Dale just called, I need to go help him unload the wonderful old walnut cupboard I bought last week... He and Allyson are headed for Walnut, to shop the Antique the morn... Hope they have a Great Time!}


WW said...

Don't you just love weather in Iowa?
I hardly beat the rain on my way to work yesterday morning, I would have loved to stay outside and watched the clouds, they looked awesome.
Then last night, got to watch it again, and hear about tornado warnings in Indianola, hoping it wouldn't come to Ames, and I wouldn't have to hide in the back of the store to avoid it. And then of course on my way home, I got to see some very cool clouds in the sky.
Love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

How did you get that Cool music player on your blog? April from Omaha and New Orleans!

Gatherings said...

Where are the smalls?