Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Runnin' Down the Road....

Well, I'm back on the road again... Headed North, this morning, then, way South.... Have an old cupboard to pick up, either tonight, or tomorrow, from pal, Bart, in Cedar Rapids... The way the rain keeps coming, I may have to take an enclosed truck! Kay wanted to know about the Paper Christmas House, that is on the image, with the gnarly hands... I collect them, myself, and have several in the shop... They are from the first half, of the 1900's, some are German, some are from Japan...You can usually find these, for under 20.00, mine, in the shop, from this size and smaller,are priced from 6 to 12.00. They are wonderful when they are all gathered together, like a village... I keep mine out, year around, in the house, and shop.... Love 'em! Hope Everyone has the Most Wonderful Day! Barb C.

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Kay said...

Hey! I'm famous now! lol Thanks Barb, for the info on the Houses. I have very fond memories of the village my Gramma had, all from the 1940s, arranged every Christmas on a sheet of fake snow.
I gotta make it to you shop one of these days... I feel a roadtrip w/ BFF coming on. ;o)