Sunday, June 20, 2010

Czech Village... Great Shoppin'... Great Food!

It was fun, seeing the Czech Village Gang!!! Sweet Pam E, Maurina, and Jerry... I found some really great stuff! And even sold a piece, to Pam, that was on the back of the truck! It doesn't get better than that!
Here's pal, Jerry... It must be really hard, working at Czech Village Antiques... Just across the street from Sykora's Bakery...Ahhh... Kolaches!
Yeah... This little gal and I were doing the same thing.... Oh Boy!
Yes, yes... I am getting images on, tonight of the smalls..... Loads of smalls.... I worked in the shop, 'til almost 8, last night, unpacking... For this morning, thought I'd put some images on, of Czech Village, in Cedar Rapids.... Maurina called, and reminded me of the Antique Sidewalk Sale, in Czech, after 'Saling', throughout the Historic Amana Colonies, I headed to her darling store, and Czech Village Antiques... And... Sykora's Bakery.... Oh my.... 2 years ago, this historic community was 8 feet under water... Yesterday, I was finding great treasures, and eating the best pastries I have ever had.... I have to rush, this post, as I have folks coming to the shop, this morning... But, Please.... If you are in the Cedar Rapids Area... Come visit these amazing places... and, meet some Amazing Survivors...
Barb C.
{ a special thanks to Jerry S., for helping a crippled old woman {me} load... He is a sweetie...}


Betty G said...

Oh yum! Kolachies!!!!! Luv 'em!!!!! My Grandma used to be the Queen of homemade kolachies! I sure wish I could make them like her! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Wish I could have been right there with ya! Luv~Betty

Kay said...

NOW you post this! I was just traveling the highways and byways of Iowa and passed the exit for Amana Colonies. Next year!