Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Visit To 'Green Endeavors'

Here's Kathy! I purchased 3 monster flower baskets, that Kathy starts, in February! They are AMAZING!!!!
Made deliveries to Green Endeavors, on Highway 30 W. Mt.Vernon, Iowa....{ across from the beautiful Palisades Park!} Kathy has the most amazing new Greenhouse.... I couldn't help myself, had to load up, on her beautiful plants, and baskets... Oh my....I'm running hard, today, getting the truck loaded, and last minute things done... But, had to give you a 'heads up' on this wonderful place to find wonderful plants.... before I head out! {} Cathy's Grand Opening will be around May 11.... Don't miss it!
Barb C.

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Anita said...

I haven't been in here yet but her plants look great! Thanks for the heads up!