Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sunday Stroll 'Round the Lawn...

I cannot get over, how incredibly Gnarly the Bittersweet is, this Spring... I love it... It's a "Wild Child!"
The Herbs are growing like crazy, in the old Cupola Top... I had tried to sell this one, for a couple of years, and no one seemed to have any interest... Then I planted my Herbs in it, and everyone wanted it... But now, it's a keeper... It sits behind the shop, when the tomatoes are ripe, I grab a few, and pick a little rosemary, and sage, with a few chives, sit under the tree, and have a great little meal... All is right with the world....{ I just got in a smaller one, we'll see if anyone wants it... if not, it'll get all planted up, too...}