Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hey Janet!

Hey Janet! Can't wait to see ya, and the Gal's at Gold Rush! Here is one of the Victorian Urns.... I have decided to keep one, that I already have planted, and have 2 available... I purchased these at an Estate Sale, in S.E. Cedar Rapids... It was a lovely 400,000 home, in one of the best neighborhoods... I think these had been there forever... The woman running the sale, hadn't priced them, they were on the walkway, and buried in the ground... I was fortunate... Had they been pulled, for the sale, they would have been long gone! This is a common form... 12 inches, inside diameter, 18 inches tall... the bases have some chipping, but the surface... well... that is what is so incredibly, uncommon... They are wonderfully, blackish, grungy, sparkly, with the crushed glass surface....that was used in the late 1800's...These urns are beautiful fragments of our Gardening Past.... I will bring them, they are on hold for you, and Connie... If you pass, no worries... someone else may love them, if not... I have a perfect place for them... right where I am taking them from! My Love to Ya! Barb C.

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