Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friends and Gatherings, from 3rd Sunday!

Brenda... Fellow Blogger! She had her arms full of treasures! I love her stuff! When I go to Galesburg, Illinois... I Always stop at Ziggy's! I find lots of great treasures there, and never leave empty handed! I'm due for a Galesburg Run, it may be mid June, before I can do it, but I'm gonna get there!
Susan, and her Little Man... I can't believe how much he has grown!!! I bought some great stuff from them... The Old Martin House is Amazing... Love the hooked rugs, and sprinkling cans... I was short a red wagon, so, was Happy when Susan wheeled one in!
Gnarly Garden Chairs! Gotta Love 'em!
This piece is soo cool! It's from a Dentists office... The bowl is Glass, the base has old white paint, over cast aluminum... I remember my Old Dentist having a similar one, when I was a child... It's Cool! The Gals I bought it from, were really sweet! { They must not care about the moon...}
This is really cute in person... It's pine, 5 feet wide, 16 inches deep, and has 26 nice sized drawers... It's pretty cool!

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Anonymous said...

xxooo! So wonderful to see you today and your magical land. Tell those "BOYS" to send me their info so I can see them in their natural environment some day!

Remember! You keep me going....