Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Derby...

The day started off on the run... picking up loads of concrete, delivering stuff, visiting with Ed, { leftoversantiques.net} and catching up.... He and Michael had a 'Kentucky Derby' Party, Saturday... Mint Juleps, Carriage Rides, live Jazz, Scrumptious Cuisine and a Miniature Horse, meandering through their Massive Store, wearing a Pink Derby Hat....See... this is why I LOVE THESE BOYS!!!! They totally think like I do! When ya think you've pushed it over the top... YOU GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOVE! Their Wonderful Store was on it's EAR!!! These Guys are the most Gracious Hosts... I know, cause I have travelled with them, and visited their home.... They know how to entertain, and don't skip any details.... Patty had stopped by, on Sunday {fern hill} she mentioned the party, in Brenham, Texas... At the Boy's Store.... We are both huge Derby Fans, and were 'boo hooing', about not being there, to take it all in...Ed said, it was absolutely Fantastic! Everyone had a great time! Since I can remember, I have always dreamt about going to Louisville... and seeing the Derby... I love Thoroughbreds... Had one, for a best friend, for 28 years... They are the most Wonderful Horse... Their heart, is so amazing... they don't want to let you down... They are born, with a winning spirit...Maybe, someday... I'll be standing there, with a big floppy hat on... Mint Julep's in each hand, and taking it all in! I remember, as a child, on Derby Day, where ever Dad and I were, we'd find a t.v., and watch the Derby, that first Saturday afternoon in May... Sometimes, it might be a little tavern, in a small town we 'happened' through, or a friend's house, we might be visiting... but we Never Missed it... I'm glad the Boys, did it up right... Only the best for this Special Occasion... I would be concerned, if anyone else would try and throw a bash, for the Derby... I knew these Guys, would make it as Amazing, as the Event, itself... Barb C. They sent me an invite... It's still a little soggy... from all of our 'boo hooing'... It's the thought that counts... yeah, right.... { On a Sad Note}... { I was so sad, to see the Beautiful Opryland Hotel, under water, yesterday.... My heart aches.... That Hotel, was, my 'Happy Place'....I know that seems silly... And I certainly don't mean to say, my heart doesn't go out to all, who have lost so much more, than their 'Happy Place'... God Bless them.... I just want to say... That Hotel touched my soul... I was so inspired by it's Grandeur, and Gracefulness... It was as close to the Old South, as I could ever be.... The 'Cascades', were on the news, last night.... I wanted to cry.... That is my Happy Place.... The Cascades.... The waterfalls, revolving bar, 5 star restaurant, best service, anywhere .... True Southern Hospitality... They never let us down....{ I always requested to stay in the 'Cascades' area... I thought it was the most beautiful place, in the entire hotel....} We worked so hard, at Heart of Country, the only way, I could take the grueling schedule, was knowing, I could find that 'Happy Place'... at the end of the day... Everything might be closed up, we worked so late... but, just setting at the bar, listening to the water, all the lush greenery, it seemed to feed my soul, and enable my tired old body, to take on, another day.... I visited with Patty, yesterday... Back in February, or March, the weather, and Winter was getting to both of us, there was a Garden Show in Des Moines, and at the last minute, we jumped in the truck, and went.... I said to her, and she remembers it, vividly, " Ya know, instead of heading to Des Moines, I could turn this truck around, and head South, to Nashville... We could be there, by the end of the day... sitting at the revolving bar, sippin' a Gold Margarita, and soaking in the 'Spring', that is waiting for us, anytime, in Nashville"... She knew I was dead serious.... Our winter was so long, and hard... We were both physically, mentally and emotionally drained... I knew, just 24 hours, in that Happy Place, would bind up, all of our wounds...Just knowing, it was standing there, waiting, if things got too unbearable... a wonderful place, I always knew, in the back of my mind, I could run to..... Well.... no more... Everyone says, the Hotel will make it back... My fear, is they will try and make it 'better'.... That never seems to work... I left a message for my sweet friend, Scarlett Scales, in Franklin, TN. She lives only a half hour south of Nashville... I haven't heard back... My prayers are with her, and her family....We know, all too well, what a flood can do... Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding area, is still trying to recover, and it's been 2 years.... My Prayers are with you....} Barb C.

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