Friday, May 21, 2010

Black Beauty...

This is an image of one of the Cupboards that came in this week.... It's a Dandy! Someone had cleaned their paint brush, full of white paint, on it's front and side...80 years ago... So, I worked several hours, removing it, and restoring the wonderful, dry finish.... It took me 24 hours, to decide if I wanted to restore, or leave it alone... After all, the white paint, is part of it's journey...I thought, if it were going into my house, would the paint bother me... ultimately, I decided it would.... I chose to bring it back, to it's intended finish... I always disclose, any restorations... This Cupboard is well deserving of my time... { just wish I would have had it a week ago... a few hours, is a lot of time, with a Sale just a week away...} I am totally exhausted... and the work, really is just beginning...We have tons of stuff, coming in... Once I get the Shop squared around, everything will go like clockwork! My Pal, Allyson rang, this morning.... we visited about our up coming trip to New Orleans.... I keep pushing, to get everything done, with the knowledge, I will be able to 'crash and burn', for 10 days, down south... So, push, I will... and we'll get 'er done!


Sweet Repose said...

LOVE the cupboard, glad you restored it, yummy!!!

Theresa and Craig and I will be coming up there on the 28th, she's anxious to shop there again...see ya soon!!!

Gatherings said...

Oh My does it's light shine! Looks amazing! Got the trailer full and the pick up. Had to talk Terry into the trailer but so glad we did.Lots to do. Peg and you will get it together! Good Luck!W